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==============================  CFJ 1596  ==============================

    CFJ 1594 has been judged.


Caller:                                 Quazie

Judge:                                  arkestra

Judge:                                  GreyKnight

Judge:                                  OscarMeyr
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by Quazie:                       21 Dec 2006 01:35:23 GMT
Assigned to arkestra:                   31 Jan 2007 13:03:46 GMT
arkestra recused:                       21 Feb 2007 18:10:52 GMT
Assigned to GreyKnight:                 21 Feb 2007 18:10:52 GMT
GreyKnight recused:                     23 Mar 2007 21:12:29 GMT
Assigned to OscarMeyr:                  23 Mar 2007 23:09:18 GMT
Judged FALSE by OscarMeyr:              29 Mar 2007 22:51:33 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Geothe judged CFJ 1594 to be false, thus meaning that e had been
de-registered, yet only a player may judge a CFJ.

Thus I believe that CFJ 1594 has not been judged and thus Goethe has not
actually been de-registered, as until CFJ 1594 has been judged there is
uncertainty in the registration state of Geothe.


Judge OscarMeyr's Arguments:

According to the Clerk of the Court archives and the archives,
which I consider the best available information for researching this CFJ, here
is the relevant timeline:

16 Dec 2006 05:11:34 UTC    CFJ 1594 called by Murphy
18 Dec 2006 01:45:01 UTC    CFJ 1594 assigned to Goethe
18 Dec 2006 15:44:10 UTC    CFJ 1594: Goethe recused
18 Dec 2006 15:44:10 UTC    CFJ 1594 assigned to Sherlock
20 Dec 2006 21:53:52 UTC    CFJ 1594a judged by Goethe, under dispute and in
21 Dec 2006 01:35:23 UTC    CFJ 1596 called by Quazie questioning whether CFJ
1594 had been judged.
21 Dec 2006 17:16:36 UTC    CFJ 1594b judged by Sherlock, under dispute and in

Because R217 states that judgment must be based on the game state at the time
the CFJ is issued, the judging of CFJ 1594b may be ignored.

According to this timeline, Goethe had been removed as Trial Judge of CFJ 1594
before e submitted eir judgement.  As long as this recusal is not challenged
as invalid -- and I see nothing in the Stare Decisis questioning that recusal
-- then at the time of this CFJ, Sherlock was the Trial Judge for that CFJ,
and e delivered eir judgment after the calling of this CFJ.  Thus, at the time
this CFJ was called, CFJ 1594 had not been judged.  QED.


Judge OscarMeyr's Evidence:

1:  History of CFJ 1594, according to CotC web site:

Called by Murphy:                       16 Dec 2006 05:11:34 GMT
Assigned to Goethe:                     18 Dec 2006 01:45:01 GMT
Goethe recused:                         18 Dec 2006 15:44:10 GMT
Assigned to Sherlock:                   18 Dec 2006 15:44:10 GMT
Judged TRUE by Sherlock:                21 Dec 2006 17:16:36 GMT
Appealed by Murphy:                     31 Jan 2007 14:41:20 GMT
Appealed by Zefram:                     31 Jan 2007 14:52:45 GMT
Appealed by OscarMeyr:                  02 Feb 2007 01:14:32 GMT
Appeal 1594a:                           02 Feb 2007 01:14:32 GMT

2:  Assignment of Sherlock to CFJ 1594:
Timestamp: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 07:44:10 -0800

3:  Rule 217/5 (Power=3)
Judgements Must Accord with the Rules

      All Judgements must be in accordance with the Rules; however, if
      the Rules are silent, inconsistent, or unclear on the Statement
      to be Judged, then the Judge shall consider game custom, common
      sense, past Judgements, and the best interests of the game
      before applying other standards.

      When a Judge is considering eir Judgement of a Statement
      contained in a CFJ, e shall make eir evaluation based on the
      truth or falsity of the Statement at the time the CFJ was