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==============================  CFJ 1591  ==============================

    Evantine is a Fugitive.


Caller:                                 G.

Judge:                                  Maud

Judge:                                  arkestra

Judge:                                  Quazie

Judge:                                  Murphy
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by G.:                           01 Dec 2006 17:38:12 GMT
Assigned to Maud:                       10 Dec 2006 22:03:28 GMT
Maud recused:                           13 Dec 2006 07:32:42 GMT
Assigned to arkestra:                   18 Dec 2006 01:43:45 GMT
arkestra recused:                       21 Feb 2007 18:10:52 GMT
Assigned to Quazie:                     21 Feb 2007 18:10:52 GMT
Quazie recused:                         23 Mar 2007 21:12:29 GMT
Assigned to Murphy:                     23 Mar 2007 21:17:19 GMT
Judged TRUE by Murphy:                  30 Mar 2007 14:13:59 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Evantine was a "Fugitive from Justice" according to the Herald's Report
of August 13, 2006 (see Evidence).  At the time, "Fugitives from Justice"
were defined by Rules 1437 ("Fugitives are non-players with stains") and 2017
("stains == index counted in blots"), and Evantine had a blot.

With the taking effect of Proposal 4867, the following things happened in
sequence (within Proposal 4867):
  (A) The Patent title fugitive was defined by amendment of R1505.
  (B) A legislative order awarded all "fugitives" the patent title Fugitive.
  (C) Rule 1505 was repealed, so fugitive was no longer a defined patent
  (D) Then the definition of Blots was repealed so "stain==index of blots"
      was no longer defined.

At the same time, Rule 1437 remained in force, so "fugitives from justice"
remained a defined concept, albeit with the condition (having a "non-zero
stain") being no longer defined.  At the same time, Rule 1437 suggests
that a fugitive "keeps eir stain", so nothing has removed the stain, even
though the stain is no longer an index.


Caller's Evidence:

Herald's report of August 13, 2006:

Rule 1437/6 (Power=1) [currently in force, unchanged throughout]
Fugitives from Justice

      When a Player deregisters or is deregistered, e keeps eir Stain
      (though it may be modified by other Rules).  A non-Player with a
      non-zero Stain is known as a Fugitive from Justice.

      At the beginning of the month, the Herald shall expunge half the
      Blots of each Fugitive from Justice; however, no Fugitive from
      Justice shall have eir Stain reduced to less than one by this

Rule 2017/1 (Power=1) [repealed by Proposal 4867].

      The stain of an entity is an index measuring how unclean that
      entity is.  An entity is immaculate, or squeaky clean, if its
      stain is zero.

      If an entity gains, is assessed, or is penalised a given number
      of Blots, then as soon as possible after the Herald is informed,
      either by emself or by others, of the change, e shall record an
      increase in that entity's stain of that amount (or half that
      amount if the entity is an unready player at the time of the

      If some number of an entity's Blots are expunged, then as soon
      as possible after the Herald is informed of the change, e shall
      record a decrease of that amount in the entity's stain.  If this
      would result in a negative stain, then it instead results in a
      stain of zero.

Excerpt from Proposal 4867:
( full text on

Amend Rule 1505 (Standard Classes of Crimes and Infractions) to be
called "Dishonor Rolls" and amend it to read:

       When the Herald is ordered to place someone in the Chokey, e
       shall publically award em the patent title "In the Chokey".

       This title shall be automatically revoked after a length of time
       indicated by the sentencing order, and the Herald shall announce
       the revokation.  If a sentencing order is executed against a
       defendant who already holds this title, the length of time of
       the new sentencing order shall be added to the time left on any
       previous ones.

       A person is considered to be In Disgrace while in the Chokey,
       between the execution and satisfaction of any sentencing orders
       binding em, or if deregistered for lawlessness.  A person who
       leaves the game in disgrace shall be awarded the Patent Title
       Fugitive by the Herald.  A Player may revoke the title Fugitive
       from emself as long as e is no longer in Disgrace.  A non-player
       may have this title revoked by Agoran Consent.

       The rules may further specify actions prohibited to persons in
       particular types of disgrace.

       The Herald is encouraged to publish lists of those in disgrace
       separate from patent titles of honor, to indicate the disgrace.

When this Proposal takes effect, all persons who were fugitives when
this proposal was adopted are hereby awarded the patent title


Repeal Rule 1505 (Standard Classes of Crimes and Infractions)
Repeal Rule 2017 (Blots)


Judge Murphy's Arguments:

We have ample precedent that Patent Titles are borne until/unless
explicitly revoked, even if they are no longer defined by a rule - or
(as in the present case) were never defined by a rule, but rather were
awarded by proposal.  Evantine held the Patent Title of Fugitive, and
was a Fugitive, at the time in question.