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==============================  CFJ 1568  ==============================

    root is Noisy.


Caller:                                 OscarMeyr
Barred:                                 root
Barred:                                 Quazie

Judge:                                  Michael
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by OscarMeyr:                    22 May 2005 14:30:30 GMT
Assigned to Michael:                    25 May 2005 07:05:15 GMT
Judged TRUE by Michael:                 25 May 2005 23:08:21 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

root posted to a Public Forum that e made emself Quiet.  However, a post
to a Public Forum makes a player Noisy.  So root's attempt to make
emself Quiet also made Noise.


Caller's Evidence:

Quazie wrote:

>> I tell mysefl to be quiet and read things before i post.

Did you just make yourself Quiet?  Huh.  I make myself Quiet.


Rule 1042/20 (Power=1)
Deregistration Due to Silence

      Noisiness is a stuck player switch with values noisy, quiet, and

      A non-noisy player becomes noisy whenever e posts to a public

      A player may flip another player's noisiness from noisy to
      quiet, unless e has done so for another player within the past
      24 hours.

      If a player has been quiet continuously for one month, or
      inactive continuously for three months, e becomes silent.

      Any player may publish a Notice of Abandonment, identifying
      another player and alleging that that player has abandoned the
      game. A Notice of Abandonment is or becomes invalid if the
      player identified in it is not, or ceases to be, silent.


Judge Michael's Arguments:

root is indeed noisy, having recently posted to the Public Forum at
the time the CFJ was made.  He could not have made himself Quiet in
that post (appearances to the contrary notwithstanding) because
rule 1042 only allows a Player to change another Player's noisiness,
not their own.