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==============================  CFJ 1537  ==============================

    Goethe has a Two Shares card.


Caller:                                 root

Judge:                                  Quazie
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by root:                         07 Apr 2005 19:51:02 GMT
Assigned to Quazie:                     09 Apr 2005 23:57:37 GMT
Judged TRUE by Quazie:                  11 Apr 2005 05:51:20 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

In a public message dated Wed, 6 Apr 2005 15:53:53 -0700 (PDT), Goethe
attempted to play Discard Picking, naming a Two Shares card.  If
successful, the play had the effect of automatically transferring a
Two Shares card from the Deck to Goethe.

In order for Discard Picking to have been successful, a Two Shares card
must have been played or discarded in the 72 hours previous.  In a
message dated Wed, 6 Apr 2005 15:53:53 -0700 (PDT), Goethe played a
Corporate Bankruptcy, which had the effect, among others, of "returning"
Two Shares cards from Eris, Riail, and Manu to the Deck.

The question is this:  Is there a significant distinction between a card
"returned" to the Deck and a card "transferred" to the Deck?  If not,
then the Two Shares cards are considered discarded, the Discard Picking
play succeeded, and the statement is TRUE.  Otherwise, the Two Shares
cards may have been neither played nor discarded, which would make the
statement FALSE.


Judge Quazie's Arguments:

The issue here involves how synonymous the words Return and Transfer are.

R 2069 states

       Discarding a Card is synonymous with transfering said Card
       to The Deck.

Note the fact that Stock cards are originally created in the deck, as
they are not grafty.  Thus for them to return to the deck they must
move from the players hand to the deck where they were created.  The
first definition of the word "Transfer" that i found on
was the following "To convey or cause to pass from one place, person,
or thing to another.".  Now as players and the deck are both gamblers,
I state that a return to the deck as noted in the exploit for
Corporate Bankruptcy is an actual transfer thus the Two Shares card in
question was discarded.