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==============================  CFJ 1504  ==============================

    At least one of (Cainech, Oerjan, Pakaran, Steve, t) is a


Caller:                                 Murphy

Judge:                                  Maud
Judgement:                              DISMISS



Called by Murphy:                       16 May 2004 06:57:52 GMT
Assigned to Maud:                       22 May 2004 18:15:53 GMT
Dismissed by Maud:                      28 May 2004 06:00:53 GMT


Judge Maud's Arguments:

Until recently, the term ``politician'' refered either to a particular
state of some switch, or to a player whose switch was in that particular
state.  However, the rules defining the switch was repealed or amended
such that they no longer defined the switch.  Therefore, by rule 1586,
the switch no longer exists.  If we take ``politician'' to mean a player
whose switch is in the politician state, then of course there are no
such players.  But even that definition has been removed from the

The term ``politician'' is not primarily used in mathematical or legal
contexts.  So by rule 754, we are obliged to interpret the term by its
ordinary-language meaning.

The judge of CFJ 1500 held that a poltician is "one who indulges in
politics, often through elected office".  This characterization is
reasonable but perhaps a bit too broad.  However, almost any definition
of an ordinary-language term is either too broad or too specific, so
we can use it as a rough guide.