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==============================  CFJ 1483  ==============================

    when referring to Kolja in public forum, it is ambiguous as to
    whether Klaus or Kolja A is referred to, thereby entailing an
    infraction of R754.


Caller:                                 Cainech

Judge:                                  Sir Toby

Judge:                                  OscarMeyr
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by Cainech:                      10 Feb 2004 22:41:58 GMT
Assigned to Sir Toby:                   14 Feb 2004 16:32:22 GMT
Sir Toby recused:                       15 Feb 2004 17:50:49 GMT
Assigned to OscarMeyr:                  15 Feb 2004 18:39:40 GMT
Judged FALSE by OscarMeyr:              20 Feb 2004 02:33:18 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Although Kolja A was declared a Watcher as of 16 Nov 03, it appears that
there was no notice of deregistering in a public forum.  It also appears
that no intent to deregister was ever published, and neither is the term
Watcher defined in the ruleset as implying that the Watcher is no longer a

As such, it appears that Kolja A is still registered as a Player.  It also
appears that OscarMeyer's nomination of "Kolja" refers to Kolja.  It is also
noted that the most recent Census report refers to Kolja as "Klaus", and to
Kolja A as "Kolja".

As such, it appears that there are two registered Players who are referable
to as "Kolja", thereby creating an ambiguity.


Caller's Evidence:

754 : (3) A difference in spelling, grammar, or dialect, or the use of
          a synonym or abbreviation in place of a word or phrase, is
          inconsequential in all forms of communication, as long as
          the difference does not create an ambiguity in meaning.

         [CFJ 712: This includes referring to a Player by a method other than
         eir name or nickname, as long as it is unambiguous.


Judge OscarMeyr's Arguments:

1483:  FALSE.  When the Player known as Kolja registered on 3 Feb 2004,
e announced that e had been previously registered as Kolja A., and that
eir real name (as indicated by the name attached to eir email) was
Klaus.  It is a long established tradition to trust Players' statements,
unless and until evidence casts doubt on a Player's word.  Therefore, I
accept Kolja's statement of eir previous nickname and eir real name.
Accordingly, the Court finds that "Klaus," "Kolja," and "Kolja A."
unambiguously refer to the same Player.


Judge OscarMeyr's Evidence:

Evidence:  Kolja's Registration email:
 Subject:            BUS: Registration
    Date:            Wed, 4 Feb 2004 00:01:13 +0100 (CET)
    From:            Klaus Herrmanns 
      To:            Agora Business 


I hereby register as a player. I don't think it
actually makes a difference, but I have been
registered before (under the nick 'Kolja A.').

I'm only checking Agora mails at most once or twice a
week, so let's see whether the system is stable enough
to deal with low activity players. Please do let me
know if you think this is inappropriate (as far as I
can see it is not forbidden), and unless you enjoy
doing otherwise (which is fine by me) please do let me
know if I'm making mistakes or breaking rules or
generally making life unnecessarily difficult for

In urgent matters you can usually contact me quickly
through my day-to-day mail address

I hereby make myself ineligible to judge any CFJs,
unless the mail that assigns me to judge the CFJ is
cc:ed to koljag(at)

I hereby declare presence in all currently ongoing

I am expecting to collect the occasional blot here and
there, what is the best defense against that? My
current guess is that it would be a good idea to
become an acolyte.

What other activities do I need to avoid stupid
mistakes initially?

Regards, Kolja