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==============================  CFJ 1475  ==============================

    The above message contains a valid Notice of Award.


Caller:                                 G.

Judge:                                  Murphy
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by G.:                           15 Oct 2003 07:38:39 GMT
Assigned to Murphy:                     15 Oct 2003 08:41:48 GMT
Judged TRUE by Murphy:                  15 Oct 2003 08:48:22 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

It contains all the necessary and legal elements of a Notice of Award
and is legal by the Regulations of the Minimus Contest.


Caller's Evidence:

This is a Notice of Award for the Minimus Contest, for which there
are 9 Contestants * PPP of 5 = 45.  By its regulations:
 Murphy is awarded 20 points.
 Eris is awarded 20 points.
 Pakaran is awarded 5 points.
This is a scoring event as per Rule 1990.

[T]he current Minimus Regulations:


0.  E who ends the Contest with the most Points Wins.

1.  Goethe may award points from this contest however e
    desires and is able.


    Any Regulation except this one may be changed by the majority
    consent of (Contestants plus the Contestmaster).  The
    Contestmaster may select eir method for determining said consent
      (a) the method is reasonably communicated to all contestants;
      (b) the method is neither arbitrary nor capricious on
          the part of the Contestmaster;
      (c) the method provides adequate time and information for
          Contestants to communicate informed consent;
      (d) no change takes effect before being communicated to
          all Contestants; and
      (e) with less precedence than a-d above, that the method
          is not prohibited by other regulations.
    Interpretation of this and other regulations relies first on
    the Contestmaster, but all Contestants and the Contestmaster
    shall defer to the Agoran Courts, if the Courts are invoked for
    dispute resolution.


Judge Murphy's Arguments:

The ACO of Minimus states that it is a Points Contest.

Goethe is not the Contestmaster of any other Contest.

PLIMIT = 20, PPP = 5.

Goethe has not previously posted a valid Notice of Award this month.

Minimus had 6 Contestants as of October 7, 2003:  Eris, Murphy, Pakaran,
root, Sherlock, and Steve.

Minimus gained 3 more Contestants:  Sir Toby, RedKnight, and OscarMeyr.

Minimus had 9 Contestants, so it could award up to PPP * 9 = 45 Points,
with a monthly across-the-board limit of PLIMIT = 20 per Player.

The Notice of Award is clearly legal by the Regulations of Minimus.


Judge Murphy's Evidence:

Rule 1990/4 (Power=1)
Points Contests

      A Contest may be a Points Contest if its ACO specifically states
      that it is a Points Contest.  A Player may not be the
      Contestmaster of more than one Points Contest in a single Agoran

      The PLIMIT and PPP (Points Per Player) are as set in the
      Scorekeepor's Budget.

      Once during each month that starts while the Contest exists, a
      Points Contest's Contestmaster may post a single valid Notice of
      Award to the Public Forum, listing any number of the Contest's
      Contestants, and a listing a positive number of Points to be
      awarded to each Contestant on the list.  Different Contestants
      may be awarded different numbers of points in the same
      listing. The posting must obey all regulations for such posting
      contained in the Contest's SLC to be valid.

      The total Points listed to be awarded to all Contestants in each
      such monthly Notice may not exceed PPP times the number of
      Players who were Contestants of the Contest at any time in the
      14 days prior to the Notice.  If more points than this are
      listed the Notice is invalid.

      The total number of Points that a single Player may receive from
      all Points Contests in a single month may not exceed the PLIMIT.
      If a Points Contest Notice would bring a Player's total to more
      points than this than the Notice is invalid for that Player

      The posting of such a Notice of Award, if valid, is an event
      Awarding the listed Points to the listed Players.