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==============================  CFJ 1472  ==============================

    There is a Points Contest named Eris' Contest.


Caller:                                 root
Barred:                                 G.
Barred:                                 Murphy
Barred:                                 Pakaran

Judge:                                  RedKnight
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by root:                         07 Oct 2003 14:27:09 GMT
Assigned to RedKnight:                  12 Oct 2003 00:31:07 GMT
Judged TRUE by RedKnight:               17 Oct 2003 21:08:30 GMT


Judge RedKnight's Arguments:

If you follow the chain of rules that govern this case, the resut is
obvious.  R1533 (Application to Create an Organization) says that ACO's must
be submitted to the Notary and, for that ACO to be valid, it must specify
values for all the atributes an orgnization is required to have PLUS it must
meet any other requirements imposed on it by other rules pertaing to its
type of orgnization.

A contest is a type of orgnization (R1987, Classes of Organizations) and
R1446 (Contests) states "The ACO to create a Contest must be published to
have effect."  This judge interprets this as a condition on the validity of
a contest ACO.

But what does it mean for something to be published?  R478 (Fora) answers
this question; for something to be published it must be included as part of
a public message.

As this CFJ was called after the ACO of Eris' Contest, I judge CFJ 1472
As the publishing of the ACO of Eris' Contest was after the begining of the
month of October, I judge CFJ 1473 FALSE.
As Eris' Contest did not exist at the start of the month of October, R1990
(Points Contests) clearly does not permit the awarding of points.  Therefore
I judge CFJ 1474 TRUE.


Judge RedKnight's Evidence:

Rule 1533/13 (Power=1)
Application to Create an Organization

      An Application to Create an Organization (ACO) shall be
      submitted to the Notary.

      To be valid, an ACO must specify all properties that an
      Organization is required to have.  Other Rules may place further
      conditions on the validity of ACOs for a specific Class of

      The effect of submitting a valid ACO is to create the
      prospective Organization, with the Sponsor and signatories as
      Foundors and initial Members.


Rule 1987/2 (Power=1)
Classes of Organizations

      The following Classes of Organizations exist:

        a) Contests.
        b) Monasteries.


Rule 1446/14 (Power=1)

      Each Contest is an Organization associated with an SLC
      called its Regulations.  The Administrator for each Contest
      is that Contest's Contestmaster, and the Players within
      the Jurisdiction of its SLC, other than the Contestmaster,
      are its Contestants.

      Any Player is permitted to be a Contestant or a Contestmaster of
      any Contest, unless that would conflict with that Contest's
      Regulations, or the Rules. A Contest must have exactly one
      Foundor, who becomes the Contest's initial Contestmaster.

      The ACO to create a Contest must be published to have effect.

      Each Contest has Mint Authority.


Rule 1990/4 (Power=1)
Points Contests

      A Contest may be a Points Contest if its ACO specifically states
      that it is a Points Contest.  A Player may not be the
      Contestmaster of more than one Points Contest in a single Agoran

      The PLIMIT and PPP (Points Per Player) are as set in the
      Scorekeepor's Budget.

      Once during each month that starts while the Contest exists, a
      Points Contest's Contestmaster may post a single valid Notice of
      Award to the Public Forum, listing any number of the Contest's
      Contestants, and a listing a positive number of Points to be
      awarded to each Contestant on the list.  Different Contestants
      may be awarded different numbers of points in the same
      listing. The posting must obey all regulations for such posting
      contained in the Contest's SLC to be valid.


Rule 478/13 (Power=1)

      A message is not public unless some rule states that it is
      public.  A message is public if it is sent via a Public forum,
      or if it is sent to all players via a combination of fora and
      contains a clear designation of intent to be public.

      A player publishes information by publicly sending a message
      containing that information, and announces something by
      publishing it.