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==============================  CFJ 1456  ==============================

    If a Contest does not specify a quantity of some particular Currency
    as an Entry Fee, then a player is not required to pay a Fee (as in
    Rule 1941) to join that Contest.


Caller:                                 Peekee

Judge:                                  OscarMeyr
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Peekee:                       17 Mar 2003 18:37:40 GMT
Assigned to OscarMeyr:                  21 Mar 2003 00:10:32 GMT
Judged TRUE by OscarMeyr:               28 Mar 2003 02:26:50 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

What happens if there is no prescribed Entry Fee?

I guess the entire thing fails to be a Fee as it does not specify a
"quantity of some particular Currency" as required. Then we are in a
situation very similar to the 0-support CFJs, and as such IMO the
non-rule-defined "Entry Fee" is not required to be paid, or is automatically
paid without the need for a notice stating such. OTOH, it could be the case
that as Paying the Entry Fee is not defined it is not possible to join the
contest, or maybe it is just not possible to tell if someone has Paid the
Entry Fee and so not possible to tell if they joined.


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 1941 "Fees",

"A Fee is a specific quantity of some particular Currency explicitly
designated as such by the Rules. To Pay a Fee is to transfer the specified
quantity of that particular Currency to the Bank..."

Rule 1598 "Property Transfers",

      (c) A transfer of a Property occurs only when its Recordkeepor
          receives a valid Notice of Transfer.

This would imply that to pay a 0-Fee you would have to send notice to the
Recordkeepor.  [Small question is 0 a quantity???] However, what I am really
interested in is the following,

Rule 1539 "Regulations and Membership of Contests"

"A Player becomes a Contestant by notifying the Contestmaster and paying the
prescribed Entry Fee to the Contest Fund."


Judge OscarMeyr's Arguments:

R1539 states that a contest's Regulations CAN specify an entry fee
(emphasis added).  A Contest is therefore not required to have an
Entry Fee  If no entry fee is specified, then there is no prescribed
entry fee to pay.  I see no need for a player to announce that
they are paying an unimplemented entry fee.  I therefore judge TRUE.

(I suggest that R1539 be clarified to address this point.)

There is the slight nuance that R1941 defines a Fee as an amount to be
paid to the Bank, while R1539 defines an Entry Fee as an amount to be
paid to a contest.  Technically, R1941 does not apply to an Entry Fee.
However, I believe the two can be treated sufficiently similar -- they
are both an amount of currency that must be paid to a certain entity
to permit a certain action.


Judge OscarMeyr's Evidence:

Rule 1539/2 (Power=1)
Regulations and Membership of Contests

      No Player within Jurisdiction of a Contest's Regulations is
      bound to obey any Regulation or combination of Regulations that
      conflict with the Rules.

      The Regulations can specify the following:

        i) How a Contestmaster is replaced. No person may become
           Contestmaster without eir consent.  If left unspecified,
           the Contestmaster cannot change while the Contest exists.
       ii) How the Currencies in the Contest Fund shall be spent.  If
           this is not specified, they may only be spent when the
           Rules require it.
      iii) The amount of the Entry Fee for the Contest, in the form of
           units of any specific Currency.
       iv) Additional restrictions on Players to become Contestants,
           and conditions under which Contestants cease to be

      A Player becomes a Contestant by notifying the Contestmaster and
      paying the prescribed Entry Fee to the Contest Fund.  A
      Contestant may quit a Contest at any time by so notifying the
      Contestmaster.  A Contestmaster may publicly resign at any time,
      at which time e ceases to be Contestmaster.