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==============================  CFJ 1450  ==============================

    A fee may be paid by announcement.


Caller:                                 Maud

Judge:                                  Sherlock
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Maud:                         05 Mar 2003 02:09:43 GMT
Assigned to Sherlock:                   10 Mar 2003 06:48:15 GMT
Judged TRUE by Sherlock:                12 Mar 2003 14:18:35 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 1941/0 (Fees) states that a fee may be paid by transferring an
appropriate quantity of currency to the bank for just that purpose.
Rule 1598/12 (Property Transfers) states that submitting a document
putting forth the intent to transfer (and specifying the properties
to be transferred) is a notice of transfer. A message with the form

      I pay 5 Snoggles in order to call for arbitration on CFJ 676.

sets out the intent to transfer 5 Snoggles to the Bank, and thus it
constitutes a notice of transfer if sent to the right recordkeepor.
Hence by sending such a message, the sender accomplishes the action
required to be performed to pay the fee; thus the fee is paid.  But
there is nothing special about the particular case considered; thus
it follows that paying any fee may be accomplished by announcement.


Caller's Evidence:

1. Rule 1598/12 (Property Transfers; Power=1)
2. Rule 1941/0 (Fees; Power=1)



Rule 1598/12 (Power=1)
Property Transfers

      (a) A Notice of Transfer is a message which sets forth the
          intent to transfer one or more Properties from one entity
          (the "transferor") to some other entity (the "transferee").

      (b) A valid Notice of Transfer must additionally:
          (1) specify one or more Properties all of which are owned by
              the transferor; and
          (2) be sent by the Executor of the transferor, or by a
              Limited Executor of the transferor with the authority to
              execute transfers on behalf of that entity with respect
              to all of the Properties involved.

      (c) A transfer of a Property occurs only when its Recordkeepor
          receives a valid Notice of Transfer.

      (d) The effect of a transfer of Properties is to cause the
          transferor to cease to possess the Properties transferred,
          and simultaneously to cause the transferee to possess them.

      (e) The Recordkeepor of a Property shall maintain a record of
          all transfers of that Property. E shall retain a record of
          each Notice of Transfer which e receives (whether valid or
          not) involving that Property. E shall retain this record of
          each Notice of Transfer for at least four weeks after its

      (f) If the transferor transfers Property to the transferee with
          the purpose of satisfying a debt, or of paying the Fee
          associated with performing an action, but the debt does not
          exist, or the action is not successfully performed, then the
          transferor may publicly demand the return of the Property.
          The effect of such a demand is to cause the transferee to
          incur a debt to the transferor for the Property transferred.



Rule 1941/0 (Power=1)

      A Fee is a specific quantity of some particular Currency
      explicitly designated as such by the Rules. To Pay a Fee is
      to transfer the specified quantity of that particular Currency
      to the Bank if and only if that transfer is made solely for
      the purpose of Paying that particular instance of that Fee.

      If the Rules specify that a particular action is associated
      with a Fee, or that a Fee is required for a particular action,
      then the entity performing the action shall Pay the Fee either
      before performing said action (but not more than 72 hours
      beforehand) or in the same email as the action is performed,
      else the action shall not occur.


Judge Sherlock's Arguments:

R754 states:

      Differences in spelling, grammar, or dialect, or the
      substitution of a word or phrase by a synonym or abbreviation,
      are inconsequential in all forms of Nomic communication,

This is important, as R1941 defines the action "Pay a Fee" as being a
synonym for "to transfer the specified quantity of that particular
Currency to the Bank".  Therefore, I see no difficulty in allowing the
syntax the Caller uses: "I pay 5 Snoggles in order to...".  It should be
obvious per R1940 what this action is -- a transfer of 5 Snoggles.   As
long as the intent of the entity paying the fee is clear, I believe the
Caller is correct, and the sender does not need to actually state that
e transfers the currency.

Therefore, I return a judgement of TRUE.