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==============================  CFJ 1372  ==============================

    Craig's transfer of three HereYouGoKezomi to a bond was valid.


Caller:                                 teucer

Judge:                                  Sir Toby
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by teucer:                       13 May 2002 11:16:19 GMT
Assigned to Sir Toby:                   15 May 2002 22:11:00 GMT
Judged TRUE by Sir Toby:                16 May 2002 16:31:01 GMT


Judge Sir Toby's Arguments:

Okay, for this CFJ, I focused on the validity of Craig's message
transferring three HereYouGoKezomi to a bond, and whether or not a bond
is an entity, and can hence receive property.

For the first part, I submit as evidence Craig's report on the holdings
of HereYouGoKezomi. I note that before the transfer to a bond, Craig
created 9 units, transfered away 3 units, created 1 unit, and
transferred away 1 unit before attempting to transfer 3 units to a bond.
My calculations show that Craig owned 6 units of HereYouGoKezomi when
attempting the transfer.

When verifying the validity of the transfer against rule 1598, I account
for the following: (a), Craig's message clearly set forth the intent to
transfer one or more properties from one entity to another entity. The
question of whether or not the bond mentioned is a valid entity is
treated below.  (b(1)), all the properties being transferred were owned
by the transferor. (b(2)), Craig was the executor of the transferror.
(c), the recordkeepor received the message, since e also sent it.

To determine if the Bond being transferred to is an entity, I look at
Rule 1966, "Bonds are Property". I also look at Rule 1942, "A property
is an entity which the rules permit to be possessed by another entity."
If a Bond is Property, as specified by Rule 1966, it is also an entity,
as specified by Rule 1942.

The notice, and thus the transfer, appears valid.


Judge Sir Toby's Evidence:

Craig's report on the holdings of HereYouGoKezomi.

From Thu May 16 07:20:31 2002
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 18:51:50 -0400
From: Craig 
Subject: RE: BUS: with Power comes Responsibility

HOLDINGS of HereYouGoKezomi

Entity        Previous  Change  Current
------------  --------  ------  -------
Craig                + 3        3

Peter Suber          + 1        1

Coca-Cola            + 2        2

A Bond created       + 3        3
and owned by Sir Toby, with a face value of 100 HereYouGoKezomi and a
maturity date of 01 Jan 567890

The SLR              + 1        1

TRANSFERS of HereYouGoKezomi

Date              From                 To                   Amount
----------------  ------------         ------------         ------  --------
Tue  7 May 23:08              Craig                9       yes
Tue  7 May 23:08  Craig                Peter Suber          1       yes
Tue  7 May 23:08  Craig                Coca-Cola            2       yes
Wed  8 May 05:53              Craig                1       yes
Wed  8 May 05:53  Craig                Michael's Pot-Plant  1       yes
Wed  8 May 05:55  Craig                a Bond               3       yes
Wed  8 May 06:26  Michael's Pot-Plant  The SLR              1       yes

Because the HereYouGoKezom was created for the sheer CFJing pleasure, I am
assuming for the time being that every transfer succeeds. This is not
guaranteed to hold up in court.

Craig's message detailing the transfer of 3 HereYouGoKezomi to one bond of
species Toby001:

From Thu May 16 07:20:39 2002
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 05:53:23 -0400
From: Craig 
Subject: RE: DIS: RE: BUS: Currency Creation

>> Fine. I hereby create a currency, the HereYouGoKezom, with myself as the
>> Mintor and Recordkeepor. I mint the number of these that I had tried to
>> previously, namely 9. I transfer one of these to Peter Suber, and two to
>> Coca-Cola corporation. When Sir Toby retries the bonds, one of them will
>> three. I offer three HereYouGoKezomi (which from now on is to be the only
>> correct plural of HereYouGoKezom) to the piece of land at ( 2, -1 ) in
>> exchange for one Vote "Sir Toby" for Speaker Elect Pamphlet.

>       Well, I think it kind of loses its humor on the second go around,
>but what the heck:

>        I create 1000 bonds with a face value of 100 HereYouGoKezoms with
>a maturity date of 01 Jan 567890. I transfer 10 stems to the bank to
>satisfy the fee for creating those bonds.

I transfer three HereYouGoKezomi to one of Sir Toby's recently created

Rule 1598, in part:
Rule 1598/12 (Power=1)
Property Transfers

      (a) A Notice of Transfer is a message which sets forth the
          intent to transfer one or more Properties from one entity
          (the "transferor") to some other entity (the "transferee").

      (b) A valid Notice of Transfer must additionally:
          (1) specify one or more Properties all of which are owned by
              the transferor; and
          (2) be sent by the Executor of the transferor, or by a
              Limited Executor of the transferor with the authority to
              execute transfers on behalf of that entity with respect
              to all of the Properties involved.

      (c) A transfer of a Property occurs only when its Recordkeepor
          receives a valid Notice of Transfer.

Rule 1942:

Rule 1942/2 (Power=1)

      A property is an entity which the rules permit to be possessed
      by another entity.  The term "possess" refers to the legal
      status of possessing a property; the terms "possessor" and
      "owner" are synonyms, as are "possess" and "own".  Individual
      properties may not be created or destroyed, or their ownership
      changed, except in accordance with the rules.

      Each property shall have a recordkeepor, which is a player
      required to maintain a record of who owns that property.  The
      Treasuror is the recordkeepor for each property that would
      otherwise have no recordkeepor.

      If one of the official duties of an officer is to be the
      recordkeepor of a property, then eir Weekly Report shall include
      this record and any changes thereto since the last posting of
      eir Report.

Rule 1966, in part:

Rule 1966/0 (Power=1)

      Bonds are Property.  Each Bond, in addition to being a Property,
      has the following characteristics: