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==============================  CFJ 1366  ==============================

    Syllepsis' transfer of one Vote "Sir Toby" for Speaker-Elect
    Pamphlet to a Vote "Sir Toby" for Speaker-Elect Pamphlet was valid.


Caller:                                 teucer

Judge:                                  Steve
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by teucer:                       08 May 2002 23:05:35 GMT
Assigned to Steve:                      13 May 2002 23:25:35 GMT
Judged TRUE by Steve:                   14 May 2002 04:15:47 GMT


Judge Steve's Arguments:

Sir Toby created the Currency 'Vote "Sir Toby" for Speaker-Elect
Pamphlets' (henceforth 'Pamphlets') on May 6. (See Evidence <1>.) The
creation satisfied the requirements for the creation of new Currencies.
In the same message, e transferred one Pamphlet to Syllepsis. So
Syllepsis possessed a Pamphlet.

Syllepsis' transfer message reads in part (see Evidence <2>):

    I transfer one Vote "Sir Toby" for Speaker Elect Pamphlet to itself.

Rule 1598 (Property Transfers) states in part:

      (a) A Notice of Transfer is a message which sets forth the
          intent to transfer one or more Properties from one entity
          (the "transferor") to some other entity (the "transferee").

      (b) A valid Notice of Transfer must additionally:
          (1) specify one or more Properties all of which are owned by
              the transferor; and
          (2) be sent by the Executor of the transferor, or by a
              Limited Executor of the transferor with the authority to
              execute transfers on behalf of that entity with respect
              to all of the Properties involved.

Syllepsis' message sets forth eir intent to transfer one or more
Properties (ie, a Pamphlet), from one entity (Syllepsis), to another
entity (the selfsame Pamphlet).

Syllepsis' message satisfies the requirements for being a valid a Notice
of Transfer. I can find nothing in the Rules that restricts transferees
to being entities that we might intuitively think are capable of
possessing Agoran Property, e.g. entities with Executors. There seems
little choice but to conclude that Syllepsis' transfer is therefore

I therefore Judge that the Statement is TRUE.

I won't make a formal Order to Annotate, because I am not certain that
the Statement of this CFJ alleges that a Rule should be interpreted in a
certain way, as required by R789. However, I request Rulekeepor to
unofficially annotate R1598 with something like the following:

      [CFJ 1366, Judged TRUE by Steve 14 May 2002: the transferee can be
      any entity, not only one with an Executor.]


Judge Steve's Evidence:

<1> Sir Toby's creation of the Pamphlets

<2> Syllepsis' transfer message