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==============================  CFJ 1347  ==============================

    Murphy is not a Justice in Appeal 1346a.


Caller:                                 root
Barred:                                 Murphy

Judge:                                  t
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by root:                         17 Apr 2002 20:51:55 GMT
Assigned to t:                          25 Apr 2002 15:54:57 GMT
Judged TRUE by t:                       26 Apr 2002 22:50:48 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 911 reads, in part:

      A Player is ineligible for selection [to a Board of Appeals] if any of
      the following is true:


       iv) E is not eligible to Judge the CFJ that resulted in the
           matter under consideration, and this restriction does not
           prevent three eligible Players from being selected by the
           CotC for the Board.

Murphy was not eligible to judge CFJ 1346 because e was Barred from judging it
by Caller Goethe (

Furthermore, this ineligibility did not prevent three eligible Players from
being selected, as it caused all Active non-Barred Players to become eligible,
by Rule 698.


Judge t's Arguments:

According to the caller of this CFJ, Murphy (as Speaker) was not eligible
to be selected as a Justice for the Appeal of CFJ 1346, having not been
eligible to judge the original CFJ because e had been Barred from judging
that CFJ. However, ineligibity to serve as a Justice in an Appeal on the
grounds of ineligibility to Judge the CFJ is not effective if it prevents
the selection of three Justices for that Appeal (Rule 911(iv), as quoted
by the caller). Therefore, the issue to be determined by the court is,
whether R911(iv) was effective in this case.

For R911(iv) to be effective, there must be only two or fewer Players
eligible to be selected as Justices. R911(i-iii) prevent a Player from
being selected more than once or serving as both a Judge and a Justice.
R911(v-vi) make all Players who are On Hold or frozen ineligible (the
former also includes the same restriction as iv). These clauses make only
Goethe (caller), harvel (frozen) and root (Judge) ineligible.

It is reasonable to conclude that the eligibility to be chosen as a
Justice is determined at the time the Justices are selected. Also,
according to CFJ 1186 (official annotation for Rule 1868) the eligibility
to Judge is determined at the time the Judge is selected. Common sense
dictates that when the eligibility of a Player to act as a Justice for an
Appeal is based on eir eligibility to Judge that CFJ this is determined at
the time the Justice is chosen. Based on publically available information,
the court has concluded that, in addition to the Justiciar OscarMeyr and
the CotC The Goddess Eris, at least Crito (who was not barred or otherwise
ineligible to Judge CFJ 1346 except for Rule 1871, which explicitly
doesn't apply for Justice selection) was eligible to Judge CFJ 1346 at any
time from the moment the appeal was initiated to the announcement of
Justice selection. This means there were at least three possible Justices,
the minimum required by R911(iv).

The court concludes that R911(iv) was effective for the selection of
Justices for the Appeal of CFJ1346. Therefore, the court finds this CFJ