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==============================  CFJ 1343  ==============================

    The Payroll Clerk may pay out 50 Stems to Neil for Neil's holding of
    the Promoter Office in January 2002.


Caller:                                 G.

Judge:                                  Crito
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by G.:                           01 Feb 2002 18:30:30 GMT
Assigned to Crito:                      07 Feb 2002 20:00:42 GMT
Judged TRUE by Crito:                   13 Feb 2002 16:57:34 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

By the definition of "Pay Out" in Rule 1479, a debt from the Bank is
created automatically when the Rules require that a Player Pay Out a
quantity at a certain time.  This is hereafter known as a Pay Out Event.

In January 2002, Neil held the Office of Promoter (and other Offices) for
over 16 days, and is therefore due Periodic Compensations for the held
Offices as per Rule 1940.  However, the timing of the Pay Out Event in
Rule 1940 is not the beginning of the month, but "As soon as possible
after the beginning of each month."  This is arguably an additional ASAP,
over and above the ASAP mentioned in Rule 1479.

At the beginning of February 2002 (Midnight GMT Feb 1), the Promoter's
Salary in the Treasuror's Budget was 0 Stems.  If the Pay Out event
occured at this moment, then this judgement should be FALSE, for the Event
has already occured with a Salary of 0 Stems.
(Budget shown in

However, later on Feb. 1 (after midnight GMT), the Treasuror's Budget was
amended to be 50 Stems for the Promoter's Office.  If the Pay Out Event
occurs "as soon as possible" after Feb. 1, then this judgement should be
TRUE, for the event hasn't yet occured and won't until asap after Feb. 1.
(In this case, the 'may' instead of 'shall' in the CFJ statement is to
account for the possibility of the Budget changing again before the Pay
Out Event).
(Budget shown in


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 1940/3 (Power=1)
Periodic Compensations

      The Rules may designate certain compensations to be periodic
      compensations.  As soon as possible after the beginning of each
      month, each periodic compensation required to be paid out shall
      be paid out by the Officer required to do so.

      The Minimum Income, the Distributor's Gratuity, the Speaker's
      Gratuity, and the Salary for each Office are periodic

      The Payroll Clerk shall pay out the Minimum Income to each
      Player, and shall further pay out to each Player the designated
      Salary for each Office that Player held for at least 16 days of
      the previous month.

Rule 1479/3 (Power=1) [excerpt]

Definition of "Pay Out" and "Bill"

      Whenever a Rule requires a Player to pay out one or more
      Properties to some entity, the Bank shall incur a debt to that
      entity for those Properties, and the named Player shall, as
      soon as possible, post a public notice of the debt.


Judge Crito's Arguments:

I find myself in agreement with the caller's argument. The Rules specify
that the Salary is paid out ASAP after the first of the month and do not
explicitly state from which time the "designated Salary" is determined.
The reasonable conclusion is that "designated Salary" refers to the
Salary listed in the Budget at the time of the payment. I therefore
return a Judgement of TRUE.