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==============================  CFJ 1317  ==============================

    A Zombie cannot own another Zombie.


Caller:                                 root
Barred:                                 Wes

Judge:                                  Syllepsis
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by root:                         16 Aug 2001 03:46:00 GMT
Assigned to Syllepsis:                  16 Aug 2001 03:51:55 GMT
Judged FALSE by Syllepsis:              24 Aug 2001 21:26:41 GMT


Judge Syllepsis's Arguments:

Rule 1884 States:

      Zombies are Property.  The owner of a Zombie is called eir
      Master.  Whenever a Player becomes a Zombie, eir Master is the

      Whenever the Master of a Zombie is a Player, e has Power of
      Attorney for that Zombie, unless the Rules withdraw it from

Rule 1842 States:

      In certain specified circumstances the Rules may grant one
      Player, hereafter called the Holder, Power of Attorney for
      another Player, hereafter called the Grantor.  Such a grant
      shall only occur when specified by the Rules, and shall last
      only as long as the Rules permit.

      When the Holder is granted Power of Attorney for the Grantor,

      that means that the Holder becomes the sole Executor for the
      Grantor for as long as e has that Power of Attorney.

      No Player is permitted to have Power of Attorney for more than
      two other Players.

Non-Players are permitted to hold property. Non-Players are NOT permitted
to have PoA over Players.

Rule 1755 States:

      When a player becomes deregistered or a Zombie, e ceases to be
      a candidate, officer, judge, or in general to occupy any role or
      position to which a Rule assigns any duties or powers.  No one
      who is not registered, or who is a Zombie, may occupy such a
      role or position.  This rule takes precedence over rules which
      would prevent em from ceasing to occupy such a role or position.

      The foregoing paragraph shall not apply to the Bearing of Patent
      Titles, or any position which a Rule specifically says may be
      held by a non-Player or Zombie, nor shall it act to prevent a
      non-Player or Zombie from registering, calling CFJs, or doing
      things that non-Players and Zombies are generally able to do.

Holding PoA over another Player is something that Non-Players may not do,
nor does the inhibition of this power prevent a Zombie from doing things
Non-Players and Zombies are able to do. Holding PoA grants powers, and so
by Rule 1755, a Zombie may NOT hold PoA.

Having a Zombie in ones Possession is something that Non-Players (i.e. the
Bank) are allowed to do, and so a Zombie is not barred from doing so by
Rule 1755.

Then by Rule 1884, the rules have withdrawn PoA from the Zombie Master
Zombie, but a Zombie may continue to be a Zombie Master and hold a Zombie.