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==============================  CFJ 1311  ==============================

    No Proposals have passed during the current Nomic Week.


Caller:                                 G.

Judge:                                  Steve
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by G.:                           18 Jul 2001 06:08:02 GMT
Assigned to Steve:                      18 Jul 2001 22:29:56 GMT
Judged FALSE by Steve:                  19 Jul 2001 02:00:16 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

In, Blob (Speaker
and Assessor at the time) delegated the Office of Assessor to Goethe "from
Wednesday July 18th onwards."  Goethe subsequently accepted the delegation

Blob's report of Proposal Votes for the current Nomic week occurred in which is after this
period of delegation begain.  Since Blob had delegated the office, eir
report was unofficial and thus failed to cause any Proposals to pass.


Judge Steve's Arguments:

Goethe's argument fails because it confuses the time a Proposal passes
with the time that it takes effect. A Proposal passes (or fails) at the
end of its Voting Period. If a Proposal passes, it takes effect when the
Assessor announces the results. See R376.

Hence, even if it is true that Blob's announcement of the results of
Proposals 4184-4194 was made after Blob has ceased to hold the Office of
Assessor, this had no effect on whether any of those Proposals passed,
only on whether and when they took effect. As it happens, several of the
Proposals in this batch did pass, and they passed during the current
Nomic Week, since their Voting Periods concluded at Tue, 17 Jul 2001
09:38:32 -0400. Therefore the Statement is FALSE.