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==============================  CFJ 1305  ==============================

    A Player, while on Hold, may not be made silent by Rule 1042 until
    two months after going on Hold.


Caller:                                 G.
Barred:                                 Kelly
Barred:                                 Taral

Judge:                                  pTang
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by G.:                           03 Jul 2001 05:28:39 GMT
Assigned to pTang:                      03 Jul 2001 05:45:45 GMT
Judged TRUE by pTang:                   05 Jul 2001 09:21:38 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 1042/15 (Power=1), Zombification Due to Silence, reads in part:

'If a Player has been Quiet continuously for two weeks, e becomes Silent.
If a Player has been Inactive [on Hold] continuously for two months, e
becomes Silent.'

This presents two distinct waiting periods for being silenced:
  (mechanism 1) being quiet for two weeks; or
  (mechanism 2) being Inactive (on Hold) for two months.

What if a Player is both Quiet and on Hold?  Which mechanism has
precedence?  To that, we turn to Rule 1584, which at Power=2 has
precedence over 1042:

Rule 1584/0 (Power=2) Absolvement of Duty for On Hold Players

      An On Hold Player is not permitted to Vote on Proposals, make
      Proposals, or hold Office, and cannot be required by the Rules
      to perform any duty or action, unless that Rule specifically
      states that it can require On Hold Players to perform actions.
      This Rule takes precedence over every other Rule.

Note that the mechanism (1) for becoming silent does not specifically
state that it requires Players that are Quiet AND on Hold to post to avoid
silence.  (The need to post to the PF to cease being Quiet is clearly a
requirement in the Rule 1584 sense, as it is required to prevent the loss
of PoA).

If anything, mechanism (1) implicitly defers to mechanism (2) which
requires a two month waiting period.  By 1584, then, the requirement for
Quiet Players to post within two weeks to avoid silence is voided for on
hold Players.  1584 and 1042's mechanism (2) together allow only one
method for on-hold Players becoming silent, regardless of quietness, and
that mechanism requires a two-month wait.


Judge pTang's Arguments:

There are indeed two mechanisms for making a Player Silent:

1) A player who is Quiet for two continuous weeks becomes Silent.
2) A player who has been Inactive for two months becomes Silent.

But there is no issue which mechanism "takes precedence."  Either one is
sufficient cause for a player to become Silent.  Whenever a Player satisfies
either condition, e becomes Silent.

The only remaining issue is whether mechanism #1 making an Inactive Player
Silent is proscribed by R1584.

It is.

The mechanism implicitly imposes a requirement (post) and a consequence of
failing to follow through on that requirement (Player becomes Silent).

It cannot do this to Inactive Players, since it does not explicitly state
that the requirement operates on Inactive Players.

The CFJ is TRUE.