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==============================  CFJ 1304  ==============================

    If the Executor of an entity posts to the Public Forum - clearly
    stating that e posts to the Public Forum on behalf of the entity, as
    if e were the entity - then the entity is considered to have posted
    to the Public Forum.


Caller:                                 Murphy

Judge:                                  Taral
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by Murphy:                       26 Jun 2001 01:19:54 GMT
Assigned to Taral:                      01 Jul 2001 01:04:58 GMT
Judged FALSE by Taral:                  08 Jul 2001 00:40:29 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 1478 (Executors) empowers the Executor to act as described.

The intent of this CFJ is to determine whether the Holder of Power of
Attorney can make the Grantor Noisy (Rule 1042, "Zombification Due to
Silence") by acting as described.  If e cannot, then the Grantor is in
danger of becoming Silent, although e may avoid it as follows:

  a) Grantor goes On Hold prior to Delegation.  While On Hold, e cannot
     be made Quiet - one route to Silence.

  b) Holder leaves em On Hold, for the most part.

  c) At least once every two months, Holder posts "Grantor comes Off Hold
     and then goes back On Hold".  This avoids the other route to Silence.

  d) At most once every four days, Holder may post "Grantor comes Off Hold
     and does something and then goes back On Hold".  This allows the
     Grantor to be Off Hold long enough to do something e can only do while
     Off Hold, but not long enough to risk being made Quiet.


Judge Taral's Arguments:

In the absence of substantive arguments, I find that the only
substantial matter under consideration is whether or not the power
granted by the first sentence of Rule 1478 is divisible. Were it
divisible, an Executor could select whether to act on behalf of an
entity or as if e were that entity. However, I find that this reading of
the Rule stretches the grammar too far. It is substantially more
reasonable to construe the phrase "as if e were that entity" as a
clarification of the single power granted by the sentence: "to act on
behalf of that entity".

This reading of the Rule does not permit any legal fiction wherein a
Player who has not, in fact, emself posted to the Public Forum can be
deemed to have done so by virtue of a posting by eir Executor.

There is, however, another alternative reading. This reading would cause
_any_ public post by an Executor made on behalf of a Player to result in
the Player being made Noisy. The repercussions of this would be vast,
and it is certainly not game custom that this is the case.

I therefore find the Statement in question FALSE.


Judge Taral's Evidence:

Rule 1478/4 (Power=1)

      The Executor of an entity is a Player who is empowered by the
      Rules to act on behalf of that entity, as if e were that entity.

      Except when the Rules stipulate otherwise, a Player is eir own
      Executor.  Any other entity has an Executor only when the Rules
      specify either a Player or a means to designate a Player to be
      the Executor of that entity.

      Whenever a Player is acting on behalf of some entity of which e
      is the Executor other than emself, e must make it clear that e
      is doing so.  If such a Player fails to clearly indicate that e
      is acting as the Executor of some other entity, it shall be
      presumed that e is acting on eir own behalf.

      Only a person or an entity with a Player Executor may perform

Rule 478/11 (Power=1)
The Public Forum

      A Public Forum is a medium of communication so designated by
      the Registrar. Sending a message to a Public Forum shall be
      considered the equivalent of sending that message to all

      A Discussion Forum is a medium of communication so designated
      by the Registrar. A Discussion Forum shall never be a Public
      Forum and messages sent to a Discussion Forum are never
      considered to have been sent to all Players.

      The Registrar may designate a given medium of communication to
      be (or cease to be) a Public Forum or a Discussion Forum Without
      Objection. An announcement of such a designation shall be made
      via the medium whose designation is being changed. Any
      designation of a medium as a Public Forum shall also be
      announced via all existing Public Fora in addition to any
      other requirements.

      It is the responsibility of every Active Player to ensure that
      e is able to receive messages via each and every Public Forum.
      Any inability of a Player to receive messages via a particular
      Public Forum does not deprive that medium of its legal status
      as a Public Forum. Players are in no way required to receive
      messages via any particular Discussion Forum.

      The Registrar shall include as part of eir Report all media
      which are currently Public or Discussion Fora and sufficient
      data regarding each medium to allow new Players to receive
      messages via that medium.

      Any communication which has been sent via a Public Forum shall
      be considered to have been made publicly. Any communication
      which has been sent to all Players via some other medium, or
      combination of mediums, shall be considered to have been made
      publicly, provided it contains some clear designation that it
      is intended to be public.

      If the Rules require a Player to publish certain information,
      then e is considered to have satisfied that requirement at the
      time e publicly sends a message containing the information e is
      required to publish.

      If the Rules require a Player to announce certain information,
      that announcement must be made publicly.

Rule 1042/15 (Power=1)
Zombification Due to Silence

      Each Player is always Noisy, Quiet, or Silent, but never more
      than one of these.  Whenever a Player posts to a Public Forum,
      or a new Player registers, that Player is Noisy.

      Any Player who has not caused another Player to become Quiet
      within the last 24 hours can cause another Active Noisy Player
      to become Quiet by stating that e is doing so, and clearly
      identifying that Player, in a Public Forum.  If a Player has
      been Quiet continuously for two weeks, e becomes Silent.  If a
      Player has been Inactive continuously for two months, e becomes

      Any Player can make a Silent Player a Zombie by publicly
      alleging that the Silent Player has abandoned the game.  A
      Player has abandoned the game if and only if e is Silent.  As
      soon as possible after a public allegation that a Player has
      abandoned the game, the Registrar shall publicly confirm or deny
      that the Player is a Zombie.

      If a Speaker has abandoned the game, e commits the Class 15
      Crime of Speaker Abandonment, to be detected and reported by any
      Player.  E ceases to be Speaker, and the Speaker-Elect becomes
      Speaker.  The previous Speaker then becomes a Zombie.