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==============================  CFJ 1262  ==============================

    Chuck was a Justice for CFJ 1254 on Jan 24 at the time that e posted
    eir decision to OVERTURN and Dismiss.


Caller:                                 Wes

Judge:                                  Peekee
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Wes:                          29 Jan 2001 06:28:38 GMT
Assigned to Peekee:                     02 Feb 2001 02:24:41 GMT
Judged TRUE by Peekee:                  06 Feb 2001 01:26:48 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 1447 defines the Infraction of Failing to Judge an Appeal. It
specifies that one result of this Infraction is the dismissal of the
Justice from the Board. Rule 1812 specifies that a Notice of Infraction
implements the Orders necessary to impose the results of an Infraction.

In the case of Chuck's Appeal decision on CFJ 1254, there was no
Notice of Infraction. Therefore, e was not dismissed from the Board.

While it is possible to post a Notice of Infraction after eir decision,
removing em from the Board (which theoretically still exists), but
such an action would serve no practical purpose, and eir decision would
continue to be valid.


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 1447/14 (Power=1)
Final Judgement upon Appeal
(in part)

      Once a Board of Appeals has been selected to decide a particular
      appeal, the Justices shall, collectively, consider the question.

      Each Justice has seven days, from the point e becomes Justice on
      a particular Board, in which to reach a determination that
      either sustains or overturns the matter being considered by that
      Board and submit it to the CotC.

      Failure to do so is the Class 3 Infraction of Failing to Judge
      an Appeal, detected and reported by the Cotc, which results in
      that Justice's dismissal as a Justice from that Board. In this
      case the CotC must randomly select an eligible Player to replace

      After all three Justices have submitted their determinations to
      the CotC, the CotC shall post these determinations in the Public
      Forum along with any arguments, evidence, or other material
      included with those determinations.

Rule 1812/1 (Power=1)
Notices of Infraction

      If an entity engages in any action or non-action which is
      defined by the Rules as an Infraction, then the Player
      authorized to report said Infraction may execute a Notice
      of Infraction by posting to the Public Forum that is is eir
      informed belief that the entity has committed an Infraction.

      A Notice of Infraction shall include the specific Infraction
      which has been committed, the entity which has committed it,
      the Rule(s) defining said Infraction, and sufficient details
      regarding the circumstances surrounding the offensing action
      (or inaction) to identify the offense.

      A Notice of Infraction shall also include any and all
      necessary Orders or other actions to impose the mandated
      penalty for the Infraction which has been committed.