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==============================  CFJ 1257  ==============================

    Peekee is an Oligarch.


Caller:                                 Murphy

Judge:                                  Kelly
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Murphy:                       18 Dec 2000 22:14:12 GMT
Assigned to Kelly:                      08 Jan 2001 11:08:28 GMT
Judged TRUE by Kelly:                   13 Jan 2001 06:10:17 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Peekee's Oligarch bid won on 11/20, but VTs had been legislated out of
existence by that time.  Did the debt/bid continue to exist, as Proposal
4090 assumes?  If so, then it was converted into Stems on 12/5 and paid
on 12/17.  Rule 1936 (e) specifies that the Auctioneer (or, since e later
went On Hold, the Speaker) should have forgiven the debt, but that did
not actually happen prior to Peekee's satisfying the bid.  It is also
unclear whether Peekee was billed by the Assessor, rather than being
billed by direct operation of the Rules.  If e was indeed billed by the
Assessor, then e may still be penalized now for paying eir bid late,
although eir lateness is understandable in this particular case.


Caller's Evidence:

Evidence, part 1 of 5:  VTs are destroyed (excerpts)

Subj: OFF: Assessor's Report for Proposal 4085
From: t
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 15:35:09

Voting on Proposal       4084 concluded: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:18:55 -0600

Text of Adopted Proposals

Proposal #4085 by Blob, AI=2
Playing Roles 1.2

Repeal Rule 1696 (Voting Tokens)


Evidence, part 2 of 5:  Peekee's Bid wins (excerpt)

Subj: OFF: Oligarchy auction result
From: Michael Norrish
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 03:37:50

I hereby announce that by virtue of being the only voter, Peekee has
won a Low Oligarchy position.  He owes the Bank ... 1 VT.  Well, at
least that's what he bid.  But the rules for Oligarchy Auctions say
that the auction currency is Stems.  Moreover, I believe the effect of
the Roles proposal was to destroy all VTs..


Evidence, part 3 of 5:  VT debts and bids converted to Stems (excerpts)


Subj: OFF: Assessor's Voting Report for Proposals 4088-4090
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 16:14:15 +0200 (EET)
From: t 

Voting on Proposal       4090 concluded: Tue,  5 Dec 2000 11:59:13 -0600

Text of Adopted Proposals

Proposal #4090 by Steve, AI=2
Debt conversion

Create a Rule entitled "Debt conversion" with Power = 2, with the
following text:

      Upon the creation of this Rule, all outstanding debts and
      liabilities denominated in Voting Tokens, Indulgence Auction
      Tokens, or Proposal Notes, are converted into debts for an equal
      number of Stems.

      Where the original debts or liabilities arose in connection with
      the conduct of an Auction, satisfaction of the converted Stem
      debts constitutes satisfaction of the debts arising from the


Evidence, part 4 of 5:  Peekee pays the converted Bid (excerpt)

Subj: BUS: Re: DIS: Oligarch Peekee?
From: Alan Riddell (view other messages by this author)
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 07:04:00

I hereby pay my 1 Stem debt, so that I can take my position as an Oligarch.
Please not that
my voting on any Proposal as an Oligarch will go to the highest bidder (an
informal auction).
If nobody pays me to vote then I may or may not declare myself present on the
given proposal.


Evidence, part 5 of 5:  Rule 1936/4 (Power=2) (excerpts)
                        Auctioning Positions in the Oligarchy

      (e) Defaulting: a winning bidder has one week from the time e
          is billed by the Auctioneer for eir winning bid in which to
          pay the bill. If the bill remains unpaid for more than one
          week, then the winning bidder is considered to have
          defaulted. In that case, the Auctioneer shall forgive the
          debt and penalise the defaulting bidder 2 Blots.

      When a winning bidder pays the bill for eir winning bid in the
      Auction, e becomes a Low Oligarch.


Judge Kelly's Arguments:

The facts are undisputed and known; I will not summarize them.

The legal questions appear to be:

1. Was the liability arising from the Oligarchy Auction initiated on
November 10th denominated in Stems or in VTs?
2. If this liability was denominated in VTs, was the Rule enacted by
Proposal 4090 successful in converting that liability into a Debt in
3. If that Debt was successfully created, did Peekee successfully
satisfy it and thereby become an Oligarch?

I conclude that all three of these questions are true, and thus that
Peekee become an Oligarch on 17 Dec 2000 and remained one at least
until the date CFJ 1257 was called, 18 Dec 2000 (one day later).

As to the first question, it is my opinion that the Auction Currency
for a given Auction is fixed at the time the Auction begins; subsequent
changes in the Rules do not affect an already-initiated Auction unless
a contrary purpose to do so is expressly indicated in the new Rules.
Proposal 4085 altered the Rules relating to Auctions such that the
Auction Currency for all Oligarchy Auctions initiated after its
adoption, but did not expressly alter past Auctions. Furthermore,
changing the Auction Currency of a running Auction midstream seems, to
me, like a really dumb idea, and so I think if the Players want to do
that they should say so explicitly. The Continuity Principle does not
apply because the alteration in the Oligarchy Auction Rules did not
affect that particular Auction, as its properties were fixed at the
time the Auction began. Therefore, the Auction Currency of the
Oligarchy Auction initiated 10 November was, at all times, VTs, and
so the liability which arose from it was denominated in VTs.

As to the second question, it appears clear to me that the liability
which arose from the Auction of 10 November is squarely within the
ambit of Proposal 4090's scope, and as such the Rule created by Proposal
4090 successfully converted that liability into a Debt of 1 Stem.  I
conclude that a "Debt" is nothing more than a liability denominated
in Property. A liability denominated in something which is not Property
is not a Debt, but that in no way hampers its status as a liability or
its enforceability as such. Nor do I see any other impediment to the
operation of that Rule, and as such I find that as of the adoption of
Proposal 4090, Peekee's liability of 1 VT was converted to a Debt of
1 Stem.

As to the third question, I find that Peekee did in fact transfer one
Stem (this is not disputed) after Proposal 4090 converted the Auction
liability to a Debt in Stems for the purpose of satisfying that debt.
There is one problem: the one week time limit in Rule 1936 had elapsed;
Peekee had defaulted. However, Rule 1936 does not prevent a Player who
has defaulted from becoming an Oligarch nonetheless if e manages to pay
the bill before the Grand Warden of the Oligarchy forgives the debt.
I can find no evidence that the GWotO forgave this debt (as was
required of em by the Rules) before Proposal 4090 was adopted. Therefore,
Peekee's satisfaction of this debt fulfilled the ultimate clause of Rule
1936 (as altered by the Rule created by Proposal 4090), thus causing
em to become an Oligarch (even though e had previously defaulted).

I would order the GWotO taken out and spanked for dereliction of duty,
but I lack the authority to do so.