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==============================  CFJ 1250  ==============================

    Rule 1664 should be interpreted that the effects which are applied
    specifically to Abiding Players or specifically to Rebellious
    Players upon the success or failure of a Call for Revolt, are
    applied based on a Player's status as Abiding or Rebellious at the
    time the Registrar determines whether the Call for Revolt was
    successful or not, and not at the time the Call for Revolt is made.


Caller:                                 Chuck
Barred:                                 t

Judge:                                  Crito
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Chuck:                        02 Oct 2000 16:10:21 GMT
Assigned to Crito:                      06 Oct 2000 15:00:46 GMT
Judged TRUE by Crito:                   10 Oct 2000 14:24:16 GMT


Caller's Evidence:

Rule 1664/13 (Power=2)

      Any Player is either Abiding or Rebellious. A new Player is
      always Abiding when e becomes a player. A Player can switch from
      Abiding to Rebellious or from Rebellious to Abiding if e has not
      does so during the current month by sending a message to the
      Public Forum saying e does change so. The Registrar shall
      include in the Registrar's Report a list of all Players that are

      A Player may Call for a Revolt at any time, by sending to the
      Public Forum saying e does so. A Call for Revolt is only
      effective if the following conditions are met:

         i) The player posting the Call is Rebellious,
        ii) No other effective Call for Revolt has been made that
       iii) A successful Revolt has not occured for a month or more.

      As soon as possible after an effective Call for Revolt has been
      posted, the Registrar must determine whether the Revolt
      succeeds, as outlined below, and post the result to the Public

      The Registar shall select a random integer from 1 to the number
      of Players (plus 1 if Miscreant is held) at the time of the Call
      for Revolt.  If this number is less than or equal to the number
      of Rebellious Players (plus 1 if Miscreant is held by a
      Rebellious Player), then the Revolt succeeds; otherwise it

      If a Revolt succeeds, then the following events occur (in

         - The Registrar shall expunge all Blots of each Rebellious
         - The Registrar shall pay out 40 Stems to each Rebellious
         - All positions in the Oligarchy become vacant.
         - All Abiding Players that hold one or more Offices in the
           normal fashion cease to hold those in a normal fashion and
           hold them temporarily instead.
         - All Rebellious Players become Abiding again
         - The Herald is empowered and required to levy a tax of
           75% on indulgences. The holder of the Patent Title
           "Robespierre" is exempt from this tax, even if other rules
           don't allow tax exemptions.
         - A Speaker Transition occurs

      If a Revolt does not succeed, then:

         - All Rebellious Players gain 2 Blots.
         - The Player who Called for Revolt gains 2 (additional) Blots

      The Registrar shall notify the Herald of all Blots that have
      been gained or expunged as a result of this Rule.

Created by Proposal 2717, Oct 23 1996
Amended(1) by Proposal 2797 (Andre), Jan. 30 1997, substantial
Amended(2) by Proposal 3475 (Murphy), May 11 1997, substantial
Amended(3) by Proposal 3685 (Steve), Feb. 12 1998, substantial
Amended(4) by Proposal 3703 (Steve), Mar. 9 1998
Amended(5) by Proposal 3713 (Blob), Mar. 19 1998
Amended(6) by Proposal 3740 (Repeal-O-Matic), May 8 1998
Amended(7) by Proposal 3794 (Kolja A.), Oct. 19 1998
Amended(8) by Proposal 3897 (harvel), Aug. 27 1999
Amended(9) by Proposal 3901 (Schneidster), Sep. 6 1999
Amended(10) by Proposal 3916 (harvel), Sep. 27 1999
Amended(11) by Proposal 3936 (Elysion), Oct. 31 1999
Amended(12) by Proposal 3951 (Elysion), Dec. 8 1999
Power changed from 1 to 2 by Proposal 3980 (Steve), Mar. 1 2000
Amended(13) by Proposal 3980 (Steve), Mar. 1 2000


Judge Crito's Arguments:

Whenever the Rules call for some action to be taken depending on some aspect
of the gamestate, unless otherwise specified, we have no other choice than
to assume that this must refer to the gamestate at the time the action is

Although the Rule in question refers to the number of Players at the time of
the call for Revolt, it does not make any similar reference of timing with
respect to Players' Rebellious status.  I find no justification within the
wording of the Rule to extend this assumption of timing beyond selection of
the random number.  Since there are no other specifications as to timing, it
must be
assumed that actions which depend upon a Player's Rebellious status refer to
the status of the Player at the time the action is to be taken.  Therefore,
I find this statement to be TRUE.