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==============================  CFJ 1236  ==============================

    Zombies are not rewarded Indulgences for being Immaculate all


Caller:                                 Peekee

Judge:                                  Murphy
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by Peekee:                       21 Jul 2000 13:17:09 GMT
Assigned to Murphy:                     24 Jul 2000 19:43:26 GMT
Judged FALSE by Murphy:                 31 Jul 2000 04:46:30 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

I take the line " 'ndulgences to each of y'all " to mean  "Indulgences to
each of you all". Now clearly the "you all" in the line cannot refer to
Zombies, for various reasons, mainly their being dead, and not being able to
listen (read) and so any statement of "you all" which is meant to include
them.  So Zombies are not rewarded for being Immaculate.


Caller's Evidence:

ule 1924/0 (Power=1)
Immaculate Rewards and Zombie Upkeep

      Now the truth is that we see,
      How much better we'd all be,
      If immaculatity,
      Were rewarded, I and thee,
      Were we to acknowledge those,
      With the pur'ty of a rose,
      At the end of quarter each,
      Since the virtues we do teach,
      Herald with eir records true,
      Shall pay out but one, not two,
      'ndulgences to each of y'all,
      'mmaculate past quarter all,
      By what name this gift shall be,
      Called for all eternity,
      Like some old tradition knew,
      As my latest gift to you,

      Nonetheless there still are those,
      Everybody surely knows,
      We can find them anywhere,
      (But it's very rude to stare),
      Those with Zombies at their side,
      Mindless hordes they try to hide,
      Surely there should be some price,
      (It's unnatur'l to live twice),
      Since we want to boost morale,
      Once again the herald shall,
      Only for those three months past,
      Have been held b'eir master last,
      Bill the players who did own,
      Zombies (which will often moan),
      Only one and never two,
      Fair Indulgences (mon dieu!),
      Every zombie undead for,
      Perhaps one, but maybe more.


Judge Murphy's Arguments:

s previously noted in a-d, Zombies *are* still Players, and are thus
able to listen (read).

Since the Caller didn't name any of eir other "various reasons", I am
not going to attempt to guess what they are, because I would almost
certainly be wrong.

Furthermore, the intent of including Zombie Upkeep in Rule 1924 is
to prevent Indulgence inflation, since Zombies typically *will* be
rewarded Indulgences for being Immaculate all Quarter.  I consider
this to be in the best interests of the game (for anyone wishing to
declare Rule 1924 unclear and invoke Rule 217).