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==============================  CFJ 1232  ==============================

    Taral currently has at least 3 Blots.


Caller:                                 Taral

Judge:                                  lee
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by Taral:                        22 Jun 2000 18:03:16 GMT
Assigned to lee:                        23 Jun 2000 01:45:12 GMT
Judged FALSE by lee:                    23 Jun 2000 02:55:07 GMT


Judge lee's Arguments:

Taral was blot free in the June 12 Report.
Kelly blotted em for tardiness which is only a .5 infraction.
Then Kelly blotted, or at least tried to blot em for Promotor
That is a Crime.
Penalties for Crimes are only applied by Sentencing Orders which in turn
are only issued by judges.
Kelly was not a judge.
Taral was not blotted for Promotor Misrepresentation.
By my count e only has .5 blots.
I judge the statement false.


Judge lee's Evidence:

It is my informed belief that Promotor Taral committed the Infraction
of Promotor Tardiness when e failed to distribute any Proposals during
the Nomic Week beginning May 29th.  Taral is therefore hereby
penalized 0.5 Blot.

It is my informed belief that Promotor Taral committed three acts of
Promotor Misrepresentation when e incorrectly distributed the
Proposals labeled as Proposals 4017, 4018, and 4019.  Taral is hereby
penalized one Blot each for each of these Infractions, for a total of
three Blots.  Authority for this Infraction flows from Rule 1770.

I hereby claim that the Proposals distributed as Proposals 4017, 4018,
and 4019 were part of this week's Batch, since there were three
undistributed Proposals all of which had higher Priority at the start
of this Nomic Week.


Rule 1770/11 (Power=1)
Distributing Proposals

      The Current Batch for a given Week is a subset of the Proposal
      Queue.  Its contents shall be calculated at the beginning of
      that Week.  It shall contain every Disinterested Proposal then
      in the Proposal Queue, as well as:

          * all Interested Proposals in the Proposal Queue with
            Priority greater than zero, if their number is not
            greater than the Batch Size; or

          * a set of Interested Proposals in the Proposal Queue
            with the highest positive Priority the cardinality
            of which is equal to the Batch Size.  Ties for
            highest Priority shall be broken in favor of those
            Proposals which have been in the Queue the longest.

      During a Week, the Promotor must distribute all and only
      Proposals in that Week's Current Batch.  Failure to Distribute
      all Proposals in that Current Batch during that Week is the
      Class 0.5 Infraction of Promotor Tardiness.  All Players are
      authorized to detect and report this Infraction.  Knowingly and
      willfully distributing a Proposal (or text purporting to be a
      Proposal) not in the Current Batch is the Class 2 Crime of
      Promotor Misrepresentation.  All Players are authorized to
      detect and report this Crime.

      A Player may make a Claim of Error stating that a distributed
      Proposal was not in the Current Batch at the time it was
      distributed.  If this is admitted, then:

          * the Voting Period for that Proposal shall immediately
          * all Votes cast on that Proposal shall be cancelled;
          * the Promotor shall add the Proposal to the Proposal

      Once a Proposal is distributed, it is removed from the Proposal

      The Promotor shall distribute each proposal in the batch to the
      Public Forum, accompanied by its number, the identity of its
      Proposing Entity, and an indication of whether the Proposal is
      Ordinary or Democratic.

      The failure of the Promotor to distribute any of the above
      accompaniments with a Proposal does not deprive the
      distribution of the Proposal of any legal effect.

      A Proposal is only considered to be legally distributed if it
      is explicitly marked as such. The Promotor is permitted to
      publish the text of undistributed Proposals without necessarily
      distributing them.

      Immediately after all Proposals in the Current Batch have
      been distributed the Promotor shall reduce the Priority of all
      Proposals remaining in the Queue to half of their previous
      values, rounding fractions down.

Rule 1503/4 (Power=1)
Crimes and Infractions

      Any entity who performs an action defined by the Rules to be a
      Crime, or fails to perform an action where such failure is
      defined by the Rules to be a Crime, shall be subject to whatever
      penalty the Rules prescribe for that Crime upon the execution of
      a Sentencing Order executed consequent to a judicial finding
      that e did in fact commit that Crime.