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To: agora-off 
Subject: OFF: CFJ 1176 judged FALSE
Date: Saturday, November 13, 1999 11:09 AM

                              CFJ 1176

    A message sent to agora-discussion and received by the intended
    recipient(s) has full legal effect, unless the Rules exclude
    agora-discussion as a legally effective method of delivery for
    that message.


Called by:           Murphy

Judge:               Kolja
Judgement:           FALSE

Judge selection:

Eligible:            Kolja, Lee, Michael, Palnatoke, t, Wes

Not eligible:
Caller:              Murphy
Barred:              harvel, Peekee
Had their turn:      Blob, Chuck, Crito, Elysion, harvel
Already served:      -
Defaulted:           -
By request:          -
On Hold:             elJefe, Steve



Called by Murphy:                     06 Nov 1999 13:33:09 -0800
Assigned to Kolja:                    07 Nov 1999 12:42:56 -0800
Judged by Kolja:                      13 Nov 1999 13:44:52 +0100
Judgement Distributed:                As of this message


Caller's Arguments:


Evidence attached by the Caller:


Judge's Arguments:

as far as i can tell, the rules never mention agora-discussion, so
the part of the statement after 'unless' is currently irrelevant.
i'm taking it to refer to the rules as they are now, not as they
may be at some point of time in the future.

i also interpret the 'exclude' in the statement as 'exclude
explicitly', because otherwise the statement becomes 'a message ...
has legal effect unless it doesn't have legal effect.', which is a
bit pointless imho.

the first part of the statement is a) unclear because it is not
obvious who the intended recipient(s) are and b) false because
there is a counter example: many messages must be sent to the
public forum to have legal effect (one simple example being the
birthday messages of r1727); this currently does not include a-d.

r478 does allow using arbitratry media to play the role of a public
forum, potentially including a-d, but under more severe
preconditions than those mentioned in the statement: such a message
must reach _all_ players of agora, not just the 'intended receiver(s),
and it must be marked explicitly as a message intended for the
public forum.


Evidence attached by the Judge:

from r478:

      Sending a message, by any medium or combination of media, to
      every Active Player, is equivalent to sending it to the Public
      Forum, provided that the message bears a clear indication that
      it is intended to be a message to the Public Forum, and it is
      verifiable that the message was in fact sent to every Active