"Industrialization, Economic Growth and International Trade"
Kar-yiu Wong, University of Washington and Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chong-Kee Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong

presented at the
conference on "Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade," July 22-23, 1997, Hong Kong.

on growth
and trade


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This paper analyzes the relationship between industrialization, economic growth and international trade for an economy with two sectors. With learning by doing, the manufacturing sector grows over time, but no learning by doing is experienced in the agricultural sector. Along a balanced growth path (BGP), the economy grows perpetually as the manufacturing sector grows. This model is very much different from those considered in the literature as along a BGP the two sectors do not grow at the same rate and therefore the relative price does not remain stationary. The economy is then opened up to trade. Different patterns of trade and production are examined, and in each of these cases the effects of trade on industrialization and growth are derived.

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