International Conferences of RCIE, KIET, and APEA

China and the World Economy


Global Economy

March 16-18, 2012, Seattle


The following pictures, which were taken during the conferences, are used as a record of the conferences and help the participants identify each other. Please do not download the pictures without prior permission from the Research Center for International Economics. To view a picture, please double click it. After viewing the picture, use your back or return button to come back to this page.


Welcome Session
Haideh Salehi-Esfahani Byoung Jun Song Kar-yiu Wong

Session I
Guonan Ma Masayuki Otaki Robert N McCauley Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva Theresa Greaney Jie Qin
Session II
Kwan S. Kim Andrew Champeau Lan Shi Judith Thornton Levis Kochin Melissa Knox  John Bonin

Session III
John Perez-Garcia   Judith Thornton Kentaro Kawasaki Jie Qin  Guenter Heiduk Jinkeun Yu  

Session IV
Shin-ichi Fukuda Young Jin Ro  Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva Masayuki Otaki Guonan Ma

Session V
Anita Gill   Lakhwinder Singh  John Bonin  Rainer Grundmann DoHoon Kim Dongsoo Kim   Shin-ichi Fukuda 

Session VI
Jie Qin   Rainer Grundmann  Margarete Redlin Theresa Greaney  Iwao Tanaka DoHoon Kim   Winston W. Chang   Kentaro Kawasaki 

Session VII
Hiro Lee    Kishor Sharma   Yan Ma Eric C. Wang

Session VIII
Eric C. Wang Dongsoo Kim   Yunfang Hu Anita Gill Kishor Sharma

Conference Dinner

Closing Session
        Organizers and Volunteers

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