Examples of Public Art in China.

The following photos were taken while on a research trip in the Peoples' Republic of China funded by the Royalty Research Fund of the University of Washington in 1995. The goal of the expedition was to create the first ever comprehensive national survey of public art in China.

All photos were taken by John T. Young using Nikon and Hasselblad equipment and the resulting collection is archived in the School of Art Slide Library at the University of Washington. It is also available through Art on File and Corbis. Details regarding these images may be obtained by
e-mailing John T Young. (All images are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from John T. Young).

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Walk Red; artist: Di Nai Zhuang; temporary installation with 10,000 umbrellas; Wuhan; 1995.

Mao Zedong; collaborating artists: Ye Yushan, Cao Chunsheng, Zhong Songhe, Wang Keqing, Bai Lansheng, Sun Jiabin; tapestry in background: Huang Yong Yu; marble carving; Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Tiananmen Square, Beijing; 1978.

Emperor of Qin Unifying China; artists:Wang Tian Ren, Meng Xi Ling, Ge De Mao; granite; Xi'an; 1993.

Ocean God; artist: He Li Ping; bronze; Shenzen; 1994.

Blind Men Study the Elephant; artist: Liu Zhangde; granite; Wuhan; 1985.

Electronic World; artist: Zhan Wong; stainless steel and bronze; Shenzen; 1993.

February 16th Martyrs Monument; artist: Zhu Chang Xi; fabricated bronze; Chengdu; 1990.

Memorial Hall Group Sculptures; 108 collaborative artists; depicts one of four groupings around Mao Memorial Hall in Tiananmen Square; cast concrete; 1978; Beijing.

Huang Pu Wave; artists: Zhang Yong Hao, Wu Hui Ming, Wu Jing Chui, Tang Rui He, Cheng Nian Ying, Wang Xiao Ming; bronze; Shanghai; 1990.

Xiao Luobuto; artist: Zhang Runkai; granite; Beijing; 1990.

Sidewalk; artist: Zhan Wong; fiberglass; Beijing; 1990.

Top left: Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Monument; artist Yun Zichang; cast concrete; Guangzhou; 1989.
Top right: Dance of the Martyrs' Souls; artist: Liu Sheng Fa; concrete; Shanghai; 1985.
Bottom left: Zhou Hai Revolutionary History; artists: Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy Faculty, Pan He, Director. cast concrete relief section by Pan He; Zhou Hai; 1980.
Bottom right: Celebration of Bumper Harvest; artists: Luxun Fine Arts Academy Professors and Students; concrete; Beijing; 1958.

Monument to the Martyrs of Gele Mountain; artists: Ye Yushan, Jiang Bi Bo; granite; Chongqing; 1986.


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