About Me

Welcome to my webpage! I am currently a postdoctoral research associate in the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington. I primarily work on the binarity and mass loss of massive stars, as well as the morphologies and colors of protoplanetary and debris disks. I use a combination of observational techniques and existing modeling codes to better understand these types of systems.

From 2013 to 2016 I was a postdoc in Dr. John Wisniewski's group in the Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy at the Univesity of Oklahoma. In 2014 I was selected as a Rodger Doxsey Travel Prize winner, which allowed me to present my dissertation work at that January's AAS meeting. I graduated from the University of Denver in 2013 and worked on massive binary stars with Dr. Jennifer Hoffman. I also worked with Dr. Michael Corcoran at NASA's GSFC as a NASA Jenkins Pre-doctoral Fellow. Before that, I graduated from St. Lawrence University (2007), where I was a physics and mathematics double major.

I am currently co-leading both the WFIRST Coronagraphic Imager GO Target Selection Working Group and the commissioning of the GPOL polarimeter on Gemini North.

Recent News

2018 Optical Coronagraphic Spectroscopy of AU Mic: Evidence of Time Variable Colors?

2017 The Complex Circumstellar and Circumbinary Environment of V356 Sgr
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2016 Appointed to the AAS Early-Career Advisory Board
        Constraining the Movement of the Spiral Features and the Locations of Planetary Bodies within the AB Aur System

2015 V444 Cygni X-ray and Polarimetric Variability: Radiative and Coriolis Forces Shape the Wind Collision Region
        Astronomers breathe new life into venerable instrument
        More Than Meets the Eye: Delta Orionis in Orion's Belt

2014 AAS Rodger Doxsey Travel Prize Winner

2013 Successfully defended PhD Dissertation

2012 NASA Student Ambassador, Cohort IV

2010-2013 NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Pre-doctoral Fellowship