Group Photos

LEMS-KAIST workshop, March 2020.

Visit of Professor Chris Chong from Bowdoin College, December 2019.

LEMS hiking to Annette Lake, June 2019.

LEMS Reunion and French LAUM visitors welcome lunch, June 2019.

Rajesh and JK lead study-abroad program to Australia in August-September 2018.

Summer LEMS party at JK's place in joint with Marco's group. We play cards and board games for team building, not for gambling ;) August 2018.

China trip for attending IUTAM with Rajesh. Meeting our old LEMS members (Top: Prof. Rui Zhu from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Middle: Prof. Feng Li from the South China University of Technology, and Bottom: Dr. Ying Wu from the Harbin Institute of Technology) is icing on the cake! June 2018.

Commencement pictures with Drs. Hiromi Yasuda, Rajesh Chaunsali, Hryunryung Kim, and Mr. Bala Gopalarethinam. We are very proud of you, our LEMS first-generation graduates! June 2018.

After Ph.D. Defense of Rajesh, May, 2018.

Japan trip, January, 2018. (From top, left column) Professor Sakamoto at Tokyo Institute of Technology; Professor Miura after Hiromi's seminar at Meiji University (Miura from Miura-origami); Professor Tachi at the University of Tokyo; Professor Saito at the University of Tokyo (From top, right colum) Professor Kunimine from Kanazawa University; Professor Yoshimura at Nagoya University; Professor Hagiwara and Dr. Nara from Meiji University; Banquet after the International Symposium on Intrinsic Localized Modes in Kyoto, Japan.

Ying's farewell party, November, 2017.

Group Reteat to Mt. Baker and Korean BBQ dinner afterwards, September, 2017.
(We never leave a wounded soldier behind)

Welcome and Farewell lunch, August, 2017.

Discontinuous Fiber Composite Team, March, 2017.

Congratulations to our undergraduate intern Mia Lee for winning the 1st Place Award for the International Undergraduate Research Competition in AIAA Scitech Conference, January, 2017.

Hiking in the Sedona National Park, November, 2016.
(Rajesh taking a spiritual Yoga pose, which JK cannot mimic)

LEMS retreat to the Enchantments, September, 2016.
(18-mile, 4,500 ft elevation gain day hike is not a big deal to LEMS members)

Noel's Farewell and end-of-academic-year lunch, June, 2016.

Angel's landing trail in the Zion National Park, March, 2016.

Professor Seung-hoon Ahn from Seoul National University visits UW for mini SNU-Yonsei-UW workshop, March, 2016.

After Josh's Farewell lunch, March, 2016.

Eunho's Farewell lunch, February, 2016.

Korean BBQ dinner after lab moving (from GUG 107 to GUG 105), October, 2015.

Hiromi Yasuda and Mia Lee present their research to UW President at CoMotion, December, 2015.

Dr. Yang hosts Professor Steve Tsai at Stanford University for UW-AA seminar, September, 2015.

LEMS retreat to Maple Pass, Cascade National Park, August, 2015.

Taru's Farewell lunch, July, 2015.

UW-Aero/Astro Structures Group Party at Prof. Holsapple's place, June, 2015.

LEMS undergraduate interns, June, 2015.

UW-Aero/Astro banquet with LEMS members, May, 2015.

LEMS Dinner with Ph.D. graduate students, March, 2015.

UW-AA Structures Group Gathering, February, 2015.

LEMS dinner, November, 2014.