Study Code Protocol Indication
CT Abdomen BCT A01 CT abdomen
Liver 4 phase BCT A04 4 phase: nc, art, ven, 5 min HCC 1st time screening or known hyperdense nodules
Liver 3 Phase BCT A05 3 phase: art, ven, 5 min Follow up or screening in  HCC patient
Liver 2 Phase BCT A05B 2 phase: art, ven
Liver 1 phase BCT A06 1 phase: ven Evaluate for hypovascular mets
Pancreatic Mass BCT A07A 3 phase: nc, art, ven Pancreatic neoplasm- 1st evaluation
Pancreatic Mass BCT A07B 2 phase: art, ven Pancreatic neoplasm- f/u eval
Pancreatitis for necrosis BCT A09 3 phase: nc, art, ven First evaluation of acute pancreatitis to assess for necrosis.  For follow-up, use CT Abdomen and Pelvis w iv contrast
CT Abd/pelv BCT A02 CT abd/pelv
 Hernia BCT A13 Abd/pelv w/wo valsalva R/O hernia
Retroperitoneal Hematoma BCT A14IV Abd/pelv w/wo valsalva R/O retroperitoneal hematoma
Appendicitis BCT A03 Abd/Pelv w/ IV con R/O Appendicitis (rarely done)
CT Colonography BCT A11 Prone and supine imaging from  dome of diaphragm to pubic symphisis CT colongraphy
CT Enterography BCT A12 Oral and IV cont- dome of diaphragm to pubic symphisis Inflammatory bowel disease.
CT chest/abd BCT A16 CT Chest/Abd
CT Chest/Abd/Pelv BCT A15 CT Chest/Abd/Pelv General CAP Survey
CT Chest BCT C01 CT Chest
Lung Nodule low dose BCT C02 CT Chest Low dose Lung nodule follow up
CT PE Protocol BCT C03 CTA Pulm Arteries R/O PE
CT Chest high res BCT C04 Insp/exp/supine/prone High res for interstitial lung disease
CT Esophogram BCT C06 Before/after oral cont Esophageal leak when no fluoroscopy
Coronary Calcium Score BCT CA04 Gated, heart to mid ascending aorta Coronary artery calcifications for ACS risk
Pulmonary vein anatomy BCT CA05 Venous mapping, gated Mapping prior to Afib Ablation
Custom Gated Chest BCT CA06 custom parameters
Venogram pulm vein BCT CV PV Venous mapping, gated Prior to A fib ablation or surgery
CT cystogram BCT G01 3 phase: nc.90sec.6min, Primary eval or post-op bladder canc
CT Cystogram (Trauma) – Filled only 1 phase (filled) Evaluate for bladder injury, or follow-up of bladder injury (low-dose)
Renal Mass 3 phase BCT G02 3 phase: nc.90sec.6min Evaluate renal mass
Renal Donor 3 phase BCT G04 3 phase: bolus Live renal kidney donor evaluation
IVP <50 yo BCT G05 2 phase: nc.split bolus Non-traumatic hematuria
IVP >50 yo 3 phase BCT G06 3 phase: nc.90sec.10min Non-traumatic hematuria
Urinoma Protocol Pre and 10 minute delay Evaluate for collecting system leak in renal trauma (low-dose)
IVP >50 yo 2 phase BCT G06DE 3 phase: Virtual nc.90sec.610in Non-traumatic hematuria
KUB noncon BCT G07 Noncon KUB R/O urinary stones
Adrenal nodule 3 phase BCT G08 3 phase: nc.60sec.10min classify adrenal nodule
Aorta CAP Acute Aortic BCT CVA 01 2 phase: Chest/abd/pelv acute aortic syndrome (AD, IMH)
CTA Aorta CAP BCT CVA 02 Arterial Chest/abd/pelv Aneurysm/Dissection f/u
CTA thoracic aorta BCT CVA 03 Thoracic aorta arterial phase Aneurysm/Dissection f/u.  Eval for thoracic aortic injury
CTA Abdominal aorta BCT CVA 04 Abdominal aorta arterial phase AAA assessment or follow-up.  Evaluate visceral vessels for stenosis or aneurysm
Double Rule out- thoracic aorta BCT CVA 05 Thoraco-abd aorta art phase Evaluate for PE or thoracic aortic dissection
Endograft surv abdominal aorta BCT CVA 07 3 phase: Surveillance of endovascular abd. Aortic stent graft
Brached edograft research BCT CVA 08 3 phase: endograft research protocol Dr. Sweet (UWMC)
Abd-Pelv mesenteric isch BCT CVA09 2 phase: abd/pelv (art.70s) Evaluate for bowel or mesenteric ischemia
Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage BCT CVA09B 3 phase: Evaluate for GI Hemorrhage
Periph run off CTA Abd Aorta BCT CVA 10 2 phase: art.delay abd/pelv/feet Peripheral art disease/absent pulses
Aorta ECG Gated CAP BCT CVA11 ECG gated CTA chest/abd/pelv Evaluate for acute aortic syndrome (AD, IMH)
fu repair aneurysm or dissection BCT CVA11N
Gated thoracic aorta BCT CVA12 Aneurysm/Dissection f/u; aortic injur
Abd/pelv for DIEP flap breast recons BCT CVA 13 Planning  breast reconstruction DIEP
IVC or hepatic vein venogram BCT CVA14 1 phase (2-3 min delayed) IVC clot or IVC pathology
TAVR BCT CVA15 Percutaneous AVR
Endograft surv thoracic and abdominal BCT CVA16 3 phase: Complications of a TEVAR & EVAR
Sudden cardiac death protocol BCT CVA17 Gated thoracic inlet to diaph dome Eval status post CPR for aortic trauma
·       Leaving the root protocol code makes the study a noncontrast exam
o   Adding an “O” – Oral contrast ; Add an “IV” IV Contrast ; add “OIV” for oral AND IV contrast
o   Example: BCT 02 is abd/pelv non con; BCT 02IV is abd/pelv cont
·       Adding a DE at the end of the original code makes the study a dual energy examination
·       Adding a U prior to the IV makes the exam ultralow dose
o   BCT 02UIV – abd pelv w/IV contrast, ultralow dose

2017 competency project of Dr. Keegan Hovis and Barun Aryal