An Experimental Test of Signaling using Quantum Nonlocality

      Since 2007, we have been conducting an experimental and theoretical investigation of the possibility of communication using quantum nonlocality, essentially by selecting particle-like or wave-like behavior of entangled photon pairs to turn an interference pattern off and on as a signal.  In the course of this work, we have gained an understanding of the "show stopper" within the quantum formalism that prevents such nonlocal signaling between observers.  It is the intrinsic complementarity between one- and two-photon interference, an effect that "erases" the potential signals by superimposing two interference patterns that complement each other, resulting in no perceptible interference pattern.  The culmination of this effort is a paper submitted in October-2014 for publication in Foundations of Physics.  A link to this paper is provided here:

"An Inquiry into the Possibility of Nonlocal Quantum Communication", John G. Cramer and  Nick Herbert; arXiv:1409.5098 (2014).

John G. Cramer

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