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John G. Cramer
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
University of Washington
P.O. Box 351560
Seattle, WA 98195-1560

Tel: (206) 543-9194
FAX: (206) 685-0635


  • Professor Emeritus - Physics: Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle.

  • Last Teaching Assignment:
         Winter Quarter,  2014; Physics 114A - General Physics I - Mechanics

  • Experimental Physicist: Research in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics at Brookhaven (STAR) and CERN (NA49).

  • Theoretical Physicist: Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Bose-Einstein Interferometry, etc.

  • Recent Talks:  Recent talks by John Cramer in MS PowerPoint (.ppt) format.

  • Science Columnist: "The Alternate View" published in Analog Magazine.

  • The Sound of the Big Bang: Two audio simulations of the sound waves present in the first 760,000 years of the birth of the universe, based on data from the Planck (2013) and the WMAP (2003) satellite missions.

  • Testing Nonlocal Communication:  Information about a laser physics experiment currently in progress at the University of Washington to test for the possibility of observer-to-observer nonlocal quantum communication, which would be an enabling technology for superluminal and retrocausal signaling.

  • New Book about the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: The Quantum Handshake  -  Entanglement, Nonlocality and Transactions, John G. Cramer, Springer Verlag (January-2016); ISBN: 978-3-319-24640-6;  Order from Springer website.

  • Novelist: Author of Science Fiction Novels Twistor and Einstein's Bridge. [Note: The 22 page Afterword and the Glossary for Einstein's Bridge is available at a simulation of the old Avon/Eos Web site.]

  • TV & Radio Personality:  John on The Science Channel and on NPR Science Friday

  • Links of Interest: Other SF writers, physics sites, etc.



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