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Austin, TX, August 1, 2007

The Automotive X PRIZE challenge, an international competition meant to inspire a new generation of viable, super-efficient vehicles was announced today and Austin has its own local contestant to root for. Inventor Jerry Roane is ready.  He saw the current global climate crisis coming during the first oil embargo and has been in development ever since on the TriTrack, an electric car and railway system poised to revolutionize the way we travel. 

The Automotive X PRIZE is sponsored by the X PRIZE Foundation, the same group that funded the Ansari X PRIZE which led to the production of a private spaceship and launched the space tourism industry.  The foundations founder, Peter Diamandis, hopes to capture the same entrepreneurial energy resulting in a new generation of vehicles capable of breaking our addiction to oil and stemming the effects of climate change.

As if these lofty goals weren't enough motivation, multi-million dollar cash prizes will go to the teams or individual who build practical clean cars that will achieve 100 MPG or its equivalent.  However, fuel efficiency isn't the only requirement. The X PRIZE rules require the winning vehicle to carry four adults using the least amount of gas while negotiating real-world traffic.  Additionally, the vehicle must meet federal crash safety and emissions requirements. Finally, the cars must be desirable to the average consumer.

Jerry Roane is way ahead of the game because his TriTrack has already been fully designed with all these factors in mind.  Its many features including its 180 MPH design speed, automated crash avoidance, and 10 to 1 reduction in nitrous oxide emissions already set it apart from anything else currently developed.  Its patented feature of at-speed battery mule swap and circular cross section resulting in a Cd of .14 will be an advantage in this race.  As far as being desirable to consumers, the TriTrack succeeds on multiple levels.  "First, it appeals to the socially conscious individual", says Mr. Roane, "because electric power at these small levels can be generated from numerous sources not tied to the world economy. It gives us our freedom.  To the economically driven consumer, it is attractive at $.0022 per passenger mile energy cost. To the consumer whose primary concern is quality of life, time saved traveling unimpeded at 3 miles per minute in town will gain back hours spent sitting in traffic. To me, personally, that is priceless."

The X PRIZE provides the best arena possible to prove that the TriTrack excels on the ground, but it's even better when used in conjunction with his TriTrack guideway system.  This inexpensive, elevated track would go above existing streets allowing the individual cars to be computer controlled, rushing across town at speeds of 180 MPH thus eliminating congestion and collisions.

With this jump-start on the competition and the X PRIZE requirements already addressed, one might imagine the TriTrack is a shoo-in but the list of other competitors is daunting including Tesla Motors and established University teams with manufacturer backing.  Is Mr. Roane concerned"  "You know the saying about too many cooks spoiling the broth"" he asks grinning. "I'm ready for the challenge!"

Last modified: August 02, 2007