Suspended PRT System Concept from Spain


Here is a link to its recent US Patent (US 8375865) - read the abstract and view it's several drawings to discover its essential elements:

Status as of August, 2013
In Spanish I refer to the system as the "RIELEVADO" (riel elevado) or elevated rail and the vehicles as V.I.D.A. for "Veh?ulo Inteligente con Desplazamiento Aut?omo" or intelligent vehicle with autonomous displacement. I still have to come up with a commercial name or nickname in English, maybe make reference to the fact that the system resembles a canning or bottling line when vehicles move touching each other at high speeds. You should describe the status of my proposal as N=All on paper or elsewhere.

Link to the inventor's blog and Facebook page:  <  It is related to the  proposal. I also have a FaceBook page: <>


Last modified: August 19, 2013