Urban Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) Transit - Japanese HSST System

Summary: The High Speed Transit System (HSST) runs on an elevated guideway with closely spaced stations. The cars are suspended 0.3 inches above the guideway surface by electromagnets, and propelled by a linear induction motor (LIM). The car body is aluminum alloy. The first commercial system is currently being operated in public service in Japan. The vehicle picture and map shown below represent September, 2004.

Transportation Benefits of this System include:

Geographic Location: The first commercial train of the HSST System began revenue service on the Tobu Kyuryo Line
in the suburbs of Nagoya city in Japan, on March 6, 2005. This route is 5.6 miles long and has nine stations. The capacity is 3,500
passengers/hour. End-to-end trip time is 15 minutes, with 6 minute headways (frequencies) in the peak-period and 10 minute headways during the off-peak period.

Development Status in the U.S. The Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) Urban Maglev Program seeks to improve one or more maglev
technologies using advancements resulting from U.S. technology research and development. The program is intended to develop systems
for specific identified locations. Two of the five teams conducting these studies (Colorado Department of Transportation and MUSA)  included the HSST system as part of their research.

The following graphics illustrate some characteristics of the system and provide some comparative data on functionality and costs.

hsstimage1.jpg (147111 bytes)     liminomap.jpg (163753 bytes)

hsstimage2.jpg (73554 bytes)      hsstimage3.jpg (61537 bytes)

hsstimage4.jpg (127418 bytes)     hsstimage5.jpg (79794 bytes)


Additional detail is available at the following websites:

Click here for more photos, some history of the HSST and additional detail about the project.

Here are some photos of the maglev vehicles being used to serve the Expo 2005 site in Japan..

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