Gyro-stabilized Monorail Concept

Some experimentation with a monorail vehicle that is stabilized by gyroscopes has been conducted recently that is particularly interesting in that it could drastically reduce the size of the guideway needed, thereby cutting the costs of such systems significantly. The experimental vehicle has been operated on just two wheels, as opposed to the straddle-beam monorail that has been deployed in several parts of the world. Half as many wheels and smaller axles can contribute to weight reduction. In the envisioned monorail, the stability comes from the gyros, not the vehicle weight. It should be noted that gyro-stabilization has been used aboard ocean-going ships for some time with excellent results.

Written material and a video have been produced to describe this concept in more detail (see Executive Summary by Louis Swinney). A website is also under development and will be available soon. In the meantime, persons interested in learning more about this concept can contact James Roberts .


Last modified: April 15, 1998