H-Bahn Project at Duesseldorf International Airport in Germany

This system is now (February, 1999) under construction. It will connect a Germany high speed train (ICE) with the airport terminal. The service will provide 12 cabins (coupled to 6 trains), one special vehicle and will be 2.5 km long (double-track) with 4 stations. The first part with 3 stations is expected to become operational in 2001. The early construction activity is shown below. More information about this project can be obtained (in English) at the Duesseldorf International Airport website . It includes 3 artist's drawings of the peoplemover system under the "Gallery" option.

This technology is highly similar to the SIPEM or H-Bahn system that has been in operation at Dortmund University for many years.The dimensions of the track beam are the same and the vehicle will be highly similar, using standard SIEMENS components that are also used around the world in subway, tramway and heavy rail systems. The hardware of the automatic control system will be significantly updated for this installation. SIPEM is a product name used by SIEMENS and means the same thing as H-Bahn. At Duesseldorf, the customer will call the system KABINENBAHN.


Last modified: March 4, 1999