Bombardier Monorails

The Bombardier Corporation maintains a website but only the M-111 monorail system is described there. The company has built several monorails in the past and is currently installing a system in Jacksonville, Florida . It may be that their other monorail products will be included at their website at a later time.

Bombardier's M-VI monorail technology is currently in use at Walt Disney World in Florida. It was installed in 1989-90 and carries up to 200,000 passengers per day. It is the most heavily traveled passenger monorail in the world. A more robust (heavy duty) version of the M-VI has been developed for urban applications, but none have been installed anywhere in the world. It can be operated as a fully automated, driverless system.

For further information contact J. Gary Hallman, Director of Marketing and Sales, Bombardier Transit Corporation, Point West Corporate Center, 1610 Arden Way, Suite 290, Sacramento, CA 95815. Phone (916) 568-1796; fax: (916) 568-5206.


Last modified: January 4, 1998