Alden DAVe (Dual-mode Autonomous Vehicle) System

The DAVe (Dual-mode Autonomous Vehicle) System consists of a fleet of DAVes which can operate three ways:

  • autonomously
  • under operator control
  • under remote control from the CCC (Control and Communication Center)

DAVE is a truly personal means of transportation, but it goes far beyond the capabilities of the Morgantown and other, present Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems.

Users can call a DAVe to their location with a mobile or landline phone and activate a DAVe with a credit or debit card. A DAVe follows a virtual map in its computer.

 There are two presentations and one video available that provide some addition details about the DAVe concept:

  This YouTube video is a presentation about a DAVe application concept at Logan Airport, in Boston, MA

  Substantial details about the DAVe concept are provided in this pdf file

  Alden's response to a Request for Interest from the Minnesota DOT

  Alden's response to a Request for Interest from Santa Cruz, California

  Another presentation entitled "WASTE" is available here.

Latest news (March 2016):

As you may know, we failed to raise our Kickstarter goal of $100,000. However, it was not in vain. One of our Kickstarter donors invested in the company, allowing us to incorporate and produce a video for use in any future fundraising and in our marketing efforts: .

The Executive Dir. of The Airport Ground Transportation Association saw publicity about us in the January 25 Wall Street Journal: . He was able to locate us and to send us an email via the Kickstarter page. He asked us to speak at their recent spring meeting in California. So we told our story to over 100 airport and airport transportation executives. We received publicity on this in the March 14th TP PLUS.

We also had a 47 page article written on our long pilgrimage in The Verge: . We are now assessing chances of raising at least $65,000 to have a Self-Transit Automated Ride Car prototype made by students at Olin College, starting in June or September depending on when we have the money. From past experience, we know that having a real vehicle where people can “kick the tires” will prove a real impetus in moving to the next step at Logan Airport, receiving more publicity and raising more money. Your comments are more than welcomed. Please mail them directly to us: -Bill Alden

Last modified: March 21, 2016