Arch 524 Design Technology V

It is a required course in the Master of Architecture program. It focuses on computational simulation tools and techniques to evaluate the performance of a design or design alternatives, starting at earliest conceptual design phases to help architects to make informed design decisions. The topics include solar, shading, and lighting simulation and analyses. of a design or design alternatives, starting at earliest conceptual design phases to help architects to make informed design decisions.


Arch 582 Computational Lighting Design

It is an elective course in the Master of Architecture and Master of Science programs. It serves as a selective in Sustainable Systems and Design track in the Master of Architecture program, and it is a required course for the Lighting Certificate Program. The course is based on an innovative program that draws from recent developments in lighting simulation, visualization, per-pixel data measurement and analysis techniques. The objectives of this course are to:

The development of this course was originally funded by the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education.


Arch 592 Research Methods

It is a new required course in the Master of Architecture program (Co-taught). This course provides an overview of the role and practice of research methods in architecture in relation to the themes of product, process and performance. The goal of the class is to demonstrate the larger need for research in architecture and the ways that new knowledge can contribute to the growth of the practice and study of the built realm.


Arch 598 Performance Driven Design

As contemporary modeling tools allow architects greater flexibility and accessibility to explore design iterations, there are increasing opportunities to utilize them beyond generating visually compelling forms. In early and developmental phases of design, performance based approaches provide opportunities to inform geometric decisions that are inherently in flux. Performative feedback into the design workflows require an understanding of the tools and their potential applications in design. In this class, students will explore parametric modeling techniques (Rhino + Grasshopper) along with performance evaluation tools (DIVA Grasshopper for daylighting and thermal performance).


Built Environments Independent Study courses (BE 800 Doctoral Dissertation, BE 600 Independent Study, BE 587 Directed Readings)

Architecture Independent Study courses (Arch 700 Master's Thesis, Arch 600 Independent Study, Arch 599 Independent Thesis Preperation)



Previously Taught Courses:

Arch 533 Advanced Environmental Systems (2011-2018)

Arch 581 Advanced Rendering, 3 credits (2006-2010)

Arch 588 Research Practice (2005-2020)

Arch 597 Research Practicum (various years)

Arch 598/498 Simulation Based Design (2006-2010)

Arch 598 Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC) Seminar (2017)

Arch 380 Introduction to Computers, 3 credits (2005 – 2015)









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