TCOM 420 Advanced Web Design Open House

Instructor: Dr. Huatong Sun
1:00-2:20 pm, June 2, 2016
CP 109

About Project
In this service-learning project, students from the SIAS and the Institute redesigned the website for the Coming Out Women Support Group of Tacoma ( Students used the first five weeks to learn an open-source content management system Drupal 7 and the rest of the quarter to design and implement the site by following a culturally sensitive design approach. 

The project aims a) to empower a group of under-represented users by helping them articulating their voices and mediating their identities, and b) to streamline the work process and facilitate collaboration for the community organizer, volunteers, and participants virtually.

Coming Out Women” is a free, confidential support and networking group for women—mostly in mid- to late-adulthood, organized by Dr. Kathy Prezbindowski who has facilitated free coming out groups for 20 years (please see the other side for the profiled members of this group).

Designer’s Statements (Listed in the order of presentations)

Group 4: Sumyee Ng, Manuel Ortiz-Castrejon, Thivandi Samaranayake, & Christina Woon

“Our website's goal is to inspire out-ness through Authenticity, Wholeness, and Empowerment by gathering together a community of women-loving-women through connection and celebration. We foster connection using social features such as chat box and live video modules and encourage celebration with Our Stories and Forums.”

Group 2: Juliana Brisbois, Kawai Chan, Ar-Runn Chhuoy, Matthew Wu, & Meridith Hatch

“Our vision and implementation focuses on a light-weight browsing experience that communicates empowerment, inclusiveness, and a warm community. By utilizing a one-page design that previews different sections of the website, a visitor can get a quick and wholesome idea of the community that awaits.”   

Group 1: Joyce Chang, Sumin Park, Elizabeth Tran, & Kyle Turner

“We've created a website where it can provide user empowerment through strong informational hierarchy with clear and organized content categorization. We've also established safe and clean interface with visual aesthetics. Lastly, it displays consistent flows and transitions between content and pages.”

Group 3: Lola Howell, Chun Lam, Ho Nam Ma, & Cade Twilley

“Our iteration embodies inclusive and discreet design that allows users to feel comfortable and informed during their browsing experience. The site's goal is to allow women-loving-women to connect with a relatable community and to encourage them to embrace their true selves, creating friendship and support contacts along the way.”