Hema Yoganarasimhan

Research Expertise

  • Substantive areas: digital marketing, online advertising, two-sided markets, auctions, online search.
  • Methods: big data marketing analytics, econometrics, machine learning, structural models.

Academic Positions

  • Professor, Foster Faculty Fellow
    Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington
  • Adjunct Professor
    Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington
  • Adjunct Professor
    Department of Economics, University of Washington
  • Faculty Affiliate
    Center for Statistics in the Social Sciences, University of Washington


Dr. Hema Yoganarasimhan is a Professor of Marketing at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington. She also holds affiliate appointments in Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Economics, and Center for Statistics in the Social Sciences. Hema serves as a co-editor at Quantitative Marketing and Economics and as an Associate Editor at Marketing Science and Management Science.

She is recognized as one of the leading experts in quantitative marketing. Hema’s research brings together large-scale marketing data, economic theory, and econometric and machine learning tools to help firms optimize and automate their marketing decisions.

Her recent work focuses on combining machine learning tools and statistical econometric methods to address important problems in the domain of digital marketing and online platforms. One stream of research focuses on targeting in mobile and online advertising – how to target ads at scale using personalized user history and how can we quantify the optimal level of targeting from a platform’s perspective? In another ongoing project, she develops methods to personalize search rankings in online platforms in real time. She has also done work on estimating the role of reputation on sellers’ and buyers’ behavior in online auctions. Together, her recent body of work presents creative yet technically viable solutions to the challenges that businesses face in today’s world.

Hema’s research has won many prestigious awards, including the MSI Alden G. Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award, Frank M. Bass Outstanding Dissertation Award, and John D.C. Little Best Paper Award. She has also been recognized as a “MSI Young Scholar” in 2015, a "MSI Scholar" in 2020, and an Erin Anderson Emerging Female Marketing Scholar and Mentor in 2021.

Hema received her Ph.D., M.A., and M.Phil. in Marketing and Business from Yale School of Management. Prior to that, she received her bachelor’s degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. She has been at University of Washington since 2014, where she teaches MBA and undergraduate classes on analytics for the 4Ps of marketing and an advanced PhD class on dynamic structural models.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


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  • Finalist, Paul Green Best Paper Award, 2017.

Yoganarasimhan, Hema (2016), "Estimation of Beauty Contest Auctions." (Code) (Web Appendix)
Marketing Science, Vol. 35(1), pp 27-54.

  • Finalist, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award, 2016

Yoganarasimhan, Hema (2013), "The Value of Reputation in Online Freelance Marketplaces." (Web Appendix)
Marketing Science, Vol. 32(6), pp 860-891.

  • Winner, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award, 2013

Yoganarasimhan, Hema (2012), "Cloak or Flaunt? – The Fashion Dilemma."
Marketing Science, Vol. 31(1), pp 74–95.

  • Winner, Frank M. Bass Outstanding Dissertation Award, 2012
  • Finalist, John D.C. Litte Best Paper Award, 2012

Yoganarasimhan, Hema (2012), "Impact of Social Network Structure on Content Propagation – A Study using YouTube Data," (Code).
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Vol. 10(1), pp 111–150.

Mayzlin, Dina, and Yoganarasimhan, Hema (2012), "Link to Success – How Blogs Build an Audience by Promoting Rivals," (Technical Appendix).
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Book Chapters and Survey Papers

Dzyabura, D., and Yoganarasimhan, H., "Machine Learning and Marketing."
Handbook of Marketing Analytics: Methods and Applications in Marketing, Public Policy, and Litigation Support, editors Hanssens, D., and Mizik, N., 2018.

Proserpio, D., Hauser, J. R., Liu, X., Amano, T., Burnap, A., Guo, T., Lee, D., Lewis, R. A., Misra, K., Schwartz, E. M., Timoshenko, A., Xu, L., and Yoganarasimhan, H., "Soul and Machine (Learning)."
To appear in Marketing Letters.

Working Papers

Rafieian, O. and Yoganarasimhan, H., "How Does Variety of Previous Ads Influence Consumer’s Ad Response?"

Yoganarasimhan, H., Barzegary, E., and Pani, A., “Design and Evaluation of Optimal Free Trials."



  • Erin Anderson Award for Emerging Female Marketing Scholar and Mentor, 2021.
  • MSI Scholar, 2020.
  • Finalist, Paul Green Best Paper Award, 2017.
  • Adobe Digital Marketing Research Award, 2017.
  • Finalist, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award, 2016
  • Foster PhD Mentor Award, 2016-17
  • MSI Young Scholar, 2015
  • Foster Faculty Fellowship, 2014-present
  • Winner, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award, 2013
  • Management Science Meritorious Service Award, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Winner, Frank M. Bass Outstanding Dissertation Award, 2012
  • Finalist, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award, 2012
  • Management Science Meritorious Service Award, 2012
  • Adobe Research Grant, 2012
  • UC Davis Small Grant in Aid of Research, 2010, 2011.
  • Fellowship, Yale University, 2004-2009
  • Winner, Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition, Marketing Science Institute, 2008.
  • Fellow, AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium (for Yale University), Columbia, Missouri, 2008.