Gad Barzilai


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Political legal dis/order in times of warfare and emergencies
multivariate qualitative models that combine sociopolitical and legal variables that are significantly contributing to dis/order.

Political elite and ‘rally around the flag’ phenomenon
- multivariate quantitative and qualitative models, which explain how political elite are using economic factors and military force to control the polity.

Legitimacy sources of Supreme Courts - mythological sources
- how myths are shaping judicial legitimacy in addition to and relative to diffuse and specific sources of judicial legitimacy.

Non-judicial legal institutions and political conflicts
- How institutions alike central banks, state comptroller and government lawyers are acquiring and maintaining power.

Human rights – universalism and its contexts
- Unveiling issues around citizenship and human rights in political conflicts.

Law and communities - how non-ruling communities may attain justice?
- A critical communitarian theory that analyzes and explicates the contributions of non-ruling communities to social justice and equality.

Law and Religion – the place of religion in law
- A genealogical explication of religion in law from ancient times to modernity.

Political corruption
- Analysis of cultural, institutional and social class origins of political corruption among the general elite and the public.

Lawyers and the liberal project
- How lawyers affect liberal democracy both as economic entrepreneurs and as political agents.

Law rights in cyberspace
- How cyberspace forms and shapes power, regulation and legal rights.

The epistemology of law and society scholarship
- Which epistemological mechanisms generate various types of knowledge that are produced by scholars
of law and society.

The genealogy of law in political power
- How law and politics have interacted in order to form boundaries of power.