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Welcome to the world of polyethylene!!!

Polyethylene is a polymer material that is used in a wide variety of consumer products. Polyethylene appears in everything from garbage bags to plumbing pipes. For a material that has such a wide variety of uses, many people know very little about where polyethylene comes from and how it becomes a part of a consumer product.

This web page is designed to help you understand where polyethylene comes from, how it is made, and how it is transformed into something like garbage bags. While polyethylene manufacturing is a long, arduous, engineering involved process, this web page approaches polyethylene manufacturing with the perspective of making it easy to understand.

To enter the world of polyethylene manufacturing, click on the right arrow. When you want to continue on with the manufacturing process, just click on the right arrow. If you ever want to go back to a previous page, just click on the left arrow. If you want to return here, click on the Home Page Button. During any part of the process, you can click on Technical Details to see some of the engineering details involved.

Thank you for joining us!

This story was prepared by

  • Nouman Alfadil
  • Steven Chen
  • Matt Dahl
  • Ali Shah
  • Kory Tonouchi

as part of Chem. Eng. 475, Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Engineering Systems.

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