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Human Centered Design & Engineering

University of Washington

Web Design  (HCDE 437)

Spring 2013

Professor David K. Farkas


hypertext diagram In HCDE 437 you will learn more about web design and build a user-friendly, attractive small- to medium-size website with engaging content. One option is to build a professional portfolio website.

The course covers the complete development process, including creating design documents and prototypes and realistically determining the scope of your project based on your resources, schedule and constraints.

This course does not focus on technology, but the course assumes that you already have at least some background in HTML/CSS and a willingness to learn more during the quarter. Also, it is often difficult or impossible to incorporate design ideas into a website unless you can implement them in a working website or (at least) a high-fidelity prototype. Therefore, we will encourage you learn the web-building skills (HTML/CSS/JavaScript, etc.) that will enable you to realize your design ideas in a working website. Support will be provided for expanding your web-building skills.