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"The Writer's Workshop: Skills for Success"

You have reached the home page for TBGEN 490: "The Writer's Workshop: Skills for Success," a course offering of the Business Administration Program at the University of Washington Tacoma. To get information about the course, see the information belo w.

The Course Syllabus offers a description of the course, course objectives, course structure, format and procedures, grading procedures, and course expectations. The Course Outline and Schedule provides a weekly breakdown of the course cont ent and topics. It describes the order of topics that will be covered, with links to instructional materials and activities. In Course Instructional Materials you can find readings covering the major topics of course content. Each weekly topic c ontains instructional materials that will prepare students for each class session. Course Activities and Assignments contains all of the required assignments for the course. For each weekly topic there are corresponding activities and assignment s that provide hands-on practice of writing skills. Miscellaneous Resources is an evolving repository of various writing-related resources. It includes sections on effective language, commonly confused words, vocabulary usage, as well as links to On-line Writing Centers (OWLS) offered by other universities.