Euler Society Conferences

The Euler Society was formed in 2001, and its first conference was in 2002, in Rumford, Maine. Since then, the Euler Society has held its conferences at various locations in the northeast and midwest United States. Since 2012, the conference has been held jointly with MAA MathFest in odd-numbered years, and independently in even-numbered years.

The independent conferences are a small affair, averaging 20 to 30 attendees, and occur in mid- to late-July. With a friendly but inquisitive audience, these conferences are ideal for both expert and novice alike. In spite of the name, the Euler Society conference frequently includes subjects broader than the life and work of Euler himself, such as the work of Euler's colleagues and contemporaries, the intersection of academic and political life in the 18th century, or the broader historical trends that impacted science and mathematics during this time. Presentations at the independent conferences can be either 20 or 50 minutes in length, with 5-10 minutes available for questions. Most speakers prefer to use slides on a AV projector, though all formats are welcome.

The joint conference with MAA MathFest is an opportunity for scholars to present their work to a broader audience, while still having a core audience with related research interests. These conferences typically occur in early August. At either conference, one of the most popular activities is the Reading from Original Sources. Modeled on the ARITHMOS reading group, scholars can read the work of Euler in its original language—usually Latin or French—and see the early development of many mathematical and scientific ideas. No expertise is required!

For more information, contact a member of the executive board. We hope to see you at a conference soon!

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