Nina Cesare

I am a digital data researcher at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. I use unsolicited digital data (primarily from Twitter) to understand both how social processes operate within online spaces as well as how individuals engage with civic issues and/or institutions via these spaces. Due to the richness of our digital lives, social data is everywhere. It is my job as a sociologist to seek out these data and translate them into beneficial insight for the social world.

I strive to create work that bridges data science and sociology. I draw heavily upon sociological theory in developing pathways for exploration, and find ways of using digitally native data to explore these trends. In doing so, I explore the benefits and methodological/ethical challenges of conducting social research using data not designed with social researchers in mind.

Aside from sociology, my interests include but are not limited to: oil painting, reading memoirs, canvas sneakers, achieving mobile self-sufficiency through the art of urban biking, Belgian beer, bluegrass, and un-ironically still wearing ironic graphic tees.

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