Linguistics 575: Societal Impacts of Language Technology

SciComm Assignment

This assignment was developed by Ryan Georgi, and modified only lightly here.

For this short assignment, choose one of the following:

"Letter to the Editor"/Response

This doesn't need to actually be a letter to the editor, but is rather a response to a news piece, blog post, or other piece of media portraying an NLP task in some way.


This option will be you presenting some kind of call to action, or proposal for policy. For instance, making a case for extending human subjects protections to social media.

Tech Explanation/Tutorial

This option will be taken if you would like to practice explaining an NLP technology to a lay audience.

Ethics in NLP Lesson Plan

This option involves imagining how issues of ethics can be integrated into general NLP classes.


This option is inspired by Gero et al 2021.

Requirements for All Options:

Grading will be based on the requirements above, clarify of writing, and connection to the course material.

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