Linguistics 580E: Computational Morphology

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The goal of this course is to design an interface between a grammar development environment (the LKB, Copestake 2002) and a finite-state morphology system (xfst, Beesley & Karttunen 2003) such that the whole is up to the task of handling morphologically complex languages. The ultimate goal is a system that is useful to linguists working on a new language in the field, or on returning from the field. We will study xfst, several hard morphological cases, the relevant portion of the LKB, and XML as it is used in interfaces. Along the way, we will reflect on the research process.

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Numbers in parentheses represent portion of grade for 3 credit and 2 credit options, respectively.

Schedule of Topics and Assignments (may be updated)

Fig 1 Fig 2  
10/7Semitic morphology (Robert)
Introduction to xfst (David D.)
Goldenberg 1994
B&K Ch 1-2
KWLH papers:
Write K and W
10/14Tonal Morphemes (Ann)
xfst interface (Laurie)
Hyman & Mtenje 1999, optional: Good 2002
B&K Ch 3
10/21Guest lecture: Morphological fieldwork
The lexc language (Bill)

B&K Ch 4
10/28Nenetz morphology (Anya)
Flag diacritics (Duane)
Salminen 1999
B&K Ch 7
Term paper/project topic
11/4LKB (David G.)
Non-concatenative morphotactics (Scott)
Copestake 2002: Chs 4 and 5, plus pages 199-201
B&K Ch 8
11/11Holiday, no class  
11/18 Algorithms for finite-state morphology (Garrett)
Guest lecture: Tracy King:
xfst and XLE
Kaplan & Kay 1994
Kaplan et al 2004
11/25Holiday, no class 11/24: Term paper outlines/term project specs
12/2Other approches to Arabic (Jeremy)
Design session #1
Course evaluations
Kiraz 1994
Leipzig Glossing Rules
12/9What linguists want to represent (Matty)
Design session #2
Penton et al 2004
Bird, Bow & Hughes 2003
KWLH papers due
12/16  Term papers/projects due, 5pm



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